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A little Xtian girl that is so afraid...

This gal finally admitted that she is homosexual. She is fighting hard against her natural sexuality, likely because her parents and family told her that it was wrong.

Several of us have been speaking very reasonably with her. I've nailed it down to her abject fear of her own self.

She keeps hiding this comment, and I keep putting it up. By the fact that she keeps hiding it is proof that she is very, very afraid of the truth.

I feel sorry for those who feel so persecuted that they have to use Xtian religion as a shield and a barrier against those who would challenge them. Maybe some day this gal will get out on her own into the "real" world and see it's really not as all scarey as her parents/preacher/family tell her it is.

Tags: fear, homosexuality, persecution, xtianity

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