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DJs and Virtual Reality

I just love how some SL DJs think they're all that and a bag of chips. They think they warrant being paid some ridiculous amount of lindens just to DJ in your club.

I was an Internet Radio Station DJ for a number of years, so I know all the ins and outs of DJing on the Internet. Oh, and in case you're wondering, I never got paid. We did it for the love of the music and all donations went to maintaining the licenses to play the music and to pay for the Shoutcast server.

One thing you learn quickly is hardly anyone is capable of running a Shoutcast server off their own connection, unless they're lucky enough to be able to afford a business connection. Even if you can, you still have to limit what bps you are broadcasting.

I had a kid boast that he broadcasts at 320bps. He was obviously not thinking of - or maybe didn't even know - that a goodly share of his audience can't RECEIVE him at 320bps. Most people can barely handle 128bps, because of their connections, what else is using it, etc. The kid that's pushing 320bps is going to skip and buffer a lot to those lower-end connections. You have to balance out what you broadcast so that the majority of your target audience can hear you without skipping and buffering.

Real-life DJs who do it for a living begin taking crap wages for their gigs. They start small and work their way up. The more people they can draw in and retain, the more they can safely raise their prices. Those big names that are known out there all got there through a lot of hard work.

I don't see it as any different in Second Life. I have both DJd and run clubs in SL. I've been involved with the club scene for most of my nearly 6 years in virtual reality.

Anyone who thinks they can just go out there and insist on 1000L or more per show, if they're not well-known and don't have a large following, is full of wishful thinking.

Club owners don't care if you have a great connection. They don't care if you can run your own Shoutcast server - in fact, if you do, that means you're not paying for a stream, another factor taken into consideration when paying you. They don't WANT you to broadcast at 320bps because most of their audience won't hear you without buffering and skipping.

What they DO care about is if you are exciting, play music the crowd likes, bring a crowd with you, and demonstrate true skill in what you are doing. DJing isn't just throwing a bunch of songs into your SAM queue and spitting them out. A good show takes planning. It's easy to tell the difference between those who just spit songs out and those who take the time to put a set together, so the songs flow from one to another, carry a theme, or create a certain mood.

A lot claim to "live mix". Getting your songs to beatmatch and fade in and out is NOT "live mixing". Ask any professional what live mixing is about and they will laugh at those who think blending one song into another is live mixing. No - live mixing takes one helluva lot of skill and know-how. Most virtual reality DJs have no earthly clue how to live mix, and even if they did, that doesn't mean they're good at it.

It's art, people. It's not just doing it for the pay. You have to love music. Your heart has to swim in it, you have it coursing through your bloodstream.

Anyone can throw a bunch of songs together and claim to DJ. A true DJ invests time and caring into the show he or she offers people.
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