May 6th, 2009


Thursday Events Coming up at Durga - Mark your Calendars!

6-8PM SLT - Best in Blue

Blue is the color, and Durga is the place! Come win your share of 500L on the contest board!
DJ NekoNeko will be entertaining us.

8-10PM SLT - Black and Red - Sponsored by Crystal's Fashions!

The theme is Red and Black, but the stars of the show are Crystal's Fashions and DJ Willy Wonka! YES you heard that right Folks! .. SL's most Famous Chocolatier will be spinning tunes at Durga in his first official show! Crystal's Fashions will be modeling their great clothing and giving some away along with Lindens on the board. Don't miss it!

Click Here to go to Durga!

Durga Official Website with Calendar

Durga Second Life Page

Contact me here or in-world (Marie Resch) for more information.
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Building Castles in the Air

I happen to be the Queen of Kali's Koven, a fairly new Clan in the Bloodlines game.

How many Clans can boast that their own Queen built them a castle, literally from the ground up?

Barring a few minor details, Fallen Angels Castle has been completed, along with its companion club, The Sanguinis Club on the ground floor:

(Click for larger>

If you are interested in seeing it firsthand, click here.