May 26th, 2009


Really dorky pickup lines

Setup: I'm dressed in a latex outfit. I'm wearing both my rather prominent engagement ring, as well as my Clan Queen tag. I'm down in the Bloodlines sim where they list all the clubs and sims available around Second Life, reading the information notecard to find out how to get ours listed.

This guy rolls up, decked out in sunglasses and a hawaiian shirt. I do a check on him and find out he's a vampire. I am instantly reminded of that dork in Fright Night II who couldn't seem to get it right, no matter how hard he tried...

(name changed to protect the guilty)

[2009/05/24 5:39] Marie Resch: hello
[2009/05/24 5:39] dorkyguy Blackheart: how are you doing
[2009/05/24 5:39] Marie Resch: just fine and you?
[2009/05/24 5:39] dorkyguy Blackheart: you are hot
[2009/05/24 5:40] Marie Resch: um...thanks.
[2009/05/24 5:40] dorkyguy Blackheart: would you like to go somewhere quiet
[2009/05/24 5:40] Marie Resch: no.
[2009/05/24 5:41] dorkyguy Blackheart: somehwere busy
[2009/05/24 5:41] Marie Resch: *frowns* I am here on business. I happen to be Queen of my clan. Don't you think you're being just a little disrespectful?

I guess a pickup line like that actually works on certain impressionable individuals, from what I've been told...