August 13th, 2009



This is my new AVI for when I don't want to deal with humans:

It's a Gadzu and the only place you can get one is Scuzzie Fuzzies at the Rocket City Furmeet.

Does this mean I'm suddenly a furry? Um, no...though I have nothing whatsoever against those who ARE strictly furry. It means I like to play, I like to have fun, and once and awhile, I like not being human.
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I wanted some quiet time, and inspiration, so I donned my Jophiel's Halo and went to Bryn Oh's Immersiva and found the highest point, and had a seat...

(Click images for much larger versions)

You have to be curious to really enjoy this place. The surface seems desolate, barren...rusty iron plating, strange images, TV screens that play endless loops of odd images. Machines. It gives you the feeling of emptiness. It makes you realize how the "commercialized" world is indeed empty.

There are hidden treasures to be found here, however. You have to be willing to go beyond the surface. It's no wonder a lot of folks who stumble on this place can't make sense of it.

There are buttons to push, lids to raise. Faces to reveal. Poems to read, and to hear. Tiny little treasures you can have for a pittance, that are truly extraordinary. Immensely tiny cogs and wheels. Hidden areas with the most amazing things.

Like I said, you have to be curious. Bryn tests your level of curiosity in the world by NOT spelling things out for you. There are hidden meanings everywhere, and you can't find them all in one visit.

Bryn is a truly extraordinary artist and I invite you to visit, and to test YOUR level of curiosity. I find this place a source of great inspiration. She's managed to draw some unusual energies here; don't be surprised if you suddenly feel like crying, or have some other sort of mental or emotional breakthrough.

I can't praise this place enough.

Here is her blog, too: Bryn Oh