August 26th, 2009


Armpits and Assholes

The Internet is full of users and abusers and SL is no different. The latest incarnation of the Internet Idiot Parade finds itself on a page called, appropriately enough, The Douchelist.

Originally intended to let others put up people who have done genuine harm, the Idiot Parade has since invaded, and now honest, good people are being slandered to death - including Willy Wonka, my love.

Yes, Willy's player has made mistakes along the way but no, she doesn't deserve to be slandered. Many have taken advantage of her and are now using the Douchelist as some sort of "punishment" because Willy got smart and left them.

You know what, you freaks? NOBODY was put on this earth to serve at your beck and call. NOBODY was put on this earth to cater exclusively to your needs. And NOBODY deserves to be abused for refusing to treat you like some God or Goddess - especially when you don't behave any better than the lowest user abuser trash on the planet.

It's about time you all grew up and got a clue: YOU are responsible for yourself and only YOU can make yourself happy. Stop trying to put that responsibility on everyone else and stop blaming everyone else when it doesn't work.