February 27th, 2010


Gripe post. If you don't like it, move on.

I guess partygoers in Second Life have no real concept of the costs to the venue owners to put on shows. At least it doesn't seem like they appreciate it...nor do they bother showing up if you're not giving anything away.

People, you wouldn't have all that much to do if it weren't for folks building clubs and whole sims for your enjoyment.

It's not about "getting" something. What happened to simply enjoying something and being thankful?

Recently, we held a no-contest, no-tips event featuring some hand-picked romance music by a very good DJ. How many times do you get the chance to go somewhere unique and not have to sweat it if you don't have tip money? But no...nobody showed. If I'd thrown up a pair of contest boards and filled them with Lindens, I have no doubt people would've showed, and it wouldn't have mattered that we worked hard on this venue, and it's unique amongst venus in SL.

People show up for the prizes. They don't show up for the crowd, or the ambiance. Most couldn't tell you anything significant about the clubs they go to, because they really don't pay attention. Some don't even care.

I guess that's why I am seeing clubs that are more like warehouses than anything else. The customers don't really give a flying shit, as long as they have a chance to "get" something. They don't seem to realize they are already "getting" something. Who do you think pays the tier on the land? Pays for the music/movie streams? Paid for the textures and other things that make up the venue? What happened to the days when a good DJ could pull a crowd just by the music they play, and not by any stupid contest being held? What happened to making new friends, or is that passé, too?

I am an Artist at heart. My venues will always be fun and interesting. I just hope people take the time to look around and enjoy the work I've done, instead of just showing up to "get" something out of a contest.
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