September 5th, 2010


No Respect
I feel obliged as not only a resident and business woman in not only SL, but in the metaverse, to point these considerations out to the business community. This blog listed above belongs to one of the Inworldz Mentors. Interesting reading. It would seem that some think expecting a fair wage for a service is contemptable. According to this mentor, Inworldz was formed to combat this very thing. Just some food for thought. I wish I had known about the existence of this attitude before I invested my time and effort into a business there. Had I known it, I wouldn't have bothered nor would I have licensed my textures for use there. Just FYI.

I found the above in someone's Second Life pics. This person has some pretty incredible textures - the problem is, she wants what amounts to a young fortune for them.

She hasn't learned a thing about pricing things according to what the virtual economy can bear. No, she'd rather trot over to Inworldz and double her prices, then add a little more, so she can make the exact same USD as she's used to on Second Life.

It's rather obvious that the post she is referring to hit the nail on the head with her - otherwise, why defame me in her SL profile picks? It's also blatantly obvious that she is a very egocentric and selfish person, since she thought nothing of defaming me, a fellow businesswoman, in her assessment of my opinion. She expects to succeed, but thinks nothing of putting other people down. That can be a two-way street lady - but notice I am not naming you. Therein lies the difference between you and I.

I have nothing against a "fair wage", but let's be real. When you go storming into a fledgeling economy and demand $1000Iz for what, 5 textures I believe it was - and you don't get it, and people complain about it - the thing to do is to reevaluate how your product will sell in that economy, NOT defame those who think you're charging way too much. I wouldn't pay you $500L for the SAME textures on Second Life. I know I can find equal or better textures elsewhere and for a helluva lot less funny money. I'm not the only one; if anything, Second Life's greed has made us ALL smart shoppers.

Sounds like I caught you red-handed at trying to fund your Second Life with what you earn on Inworldz. Bad, bad. That's all I have to say. As my previous post stated, it feels like virtual rape, and at the very least it is exploitation. Inworldz doesn't exist for you to fund your Second Life. Inworldz exists for creators to do what they do best - create. THAT is the "attitude" there, and I guess that's why you find it so foreign. We're not profit-driven and we don't put up with those who are.

It won't be long till they finally get the cashout system finalized and the SL ATMs lose their meaning except as a way to get SL income into Inworldz. They may elect to take the ATMs down altogether. The ONLY reason they exist NOW is as a courtesy.

If you raised your prices when they started knocking 7% off the Iz-to-SL exchange rate - one has to ask again, why are you on Inworldz? The 7% difference is because you're not SUPPOSED to be making money in the simple task of converting Iz out to SL. You're supposed to be getting a rough 2-to-1 exchange rate, according to values posted on LindeX. If you used this as an excuse to raise prices, then shame on you, because again it's obvious you're trying to make a quick buck off a young grid. Well, that grid wasn't created for you to turn an easy profit.

Go ahead, try to defame me because I volunteer my time helping newcomers as much as I possibly can. Go ahead, rant and rave at me because I hold the popular opinion that Inworldz does not exist solely as a platform for you and your friends to make money. It's interesting that you jumped all over MY case and didn't say a WORD about who was agreeing wholeheartedly with me. That right there tells me I definitely hit home with the post you found so distasteful.

Heck - the post I made here and to the IWZ forums wasn't even addressing you specifically - how DARE you defame me!

For further reference, see my previous 5 or so posts.

P.S. The WORLD ECONOMY has taken a hit - what, you don't think you have to adjust accordingly? Well then you won't be in business very long.