September 18th, 2010



The latest buzz regarding Inworldz is rampant accusations of copybotting, both from folks on SL who don't have a clue, and from some residents of Inworldz itself.

There is a right way, and a wrong way, to handle suspected copybotting.

If you are not the creator, this is what you can do:

(a) Photograph the person wearing the items and/or the objects
(b) Note the creator/owner of said object
(c) Contact the creator with all information and tell them to file a DMCA at

If you are the creator, gather your evidence and follow the same procedure.

The WRONG way to handle it is to run around in ANY grid shouting SO AND SO IS A COPYBOTTER BECAUSE SO AND SO TOLD ME OMGWTFBBQ!

On Inworldz that's considered harassment and will get you in trouble.