October 27th, 2010


Bunnies? A sure sign that Linden Lab is smokin funny weed

Linden Lab Passes Over Arts for...Bunnies?

Oh, for fuck sakes. I guess they abandoned the Linden Lab whatever-it-was for the Arts? Because if they didn't, they sure aren't supporting the Arts.

Ozimal bunnies? Good gods. I remember getting the email but I didn't pay much attention because I thought Ozimal had simply purchased advertising from LL. I guess I should pay closer attention next time.

Bunnies? BUNNIES? They provided 4 sims for a BUNNY COLLEGE while sticking it royally to the REAL educators???

I can't get rid of my land over there fast enough.

Now THIS Is An Interesting Theory

...and one that makes a lot of sense. Let's see how it pans out.

Read the series, beginning with this installment:

Losing the Plot In Second Life? Introducing A Tinfoil Hat Theory About Linden Lab

So far it's three parts.

As I said, this does make a lot of sense, as well as even more reason for all serious content creators and artists to bail out NOW.

Inworldz is ready for you.