February 23rd, 2011

Avination - not the best choice

Avination - suspicious beginnings, even more suspicious practices.

I have it from two different sources that someone close to (or who wants to be close to) the administration of Avination is actively attempting to take down, deface, or otherwise mess with, Inworldz.

This is a backhanded compliment in a way; it means this person feels we are their greatest competitor. At the same time, the behavior is childish, infantile, and highly illegal.

I noticed my landlord in Second Life has begun selling land on Avination. I'm wondering how long that'll last, especially with this sort of behavior going on (quote taken from a shopping group notice):

As some of you know, we were exploring the new SL-styled grid Avination. We bought a sim there and had plans to build there in March.

However, they screwed up our billing, blamed it on Paypal, promised to keep our island open until billing issues were fixed ad the next day closed the island.

We don't have time to babysit a company so we are holding off launching our store there until they show evidence they have matured. Sorry for those of you who hoped we'd be there now.

The more I hear about this grid, the less I like it. Several of my friends have checked it out and found no mentors and no freebie stores. The default avatars leave a lot to be desired, and it seems the only way you can upgrade is to purchase items.

The administration of this grid has been linked, for better or for worse, with another grid that promotes both ageplay and pedophilia.

So, what do we have? Someone soliciting hacking Inworldz for the sake of Avination. Nobody there to help you and no freebies to get you started. Specious association with a grid that is likely thoroughly honey-potted by the FBI and similar agencies. Mufty-pufty with billing, and more or less stealing your money rather than fixing the problem.

I think I'll stick with Inworldz as my secondary grid of choice.