March 31st, 2011

Crying Copybot Wolf

Once again, Heart Botanicals is blaming a grid because someone allegedly copybotted their stuff.

They cry wolf so often, and so readily, it makes me wonder sometimes if they can lay 100% claim to every single photographic representation of a plant that they own and use. If that's the case, then they must travel quite a bit. I also wonder if they got the plant owner's permission to photograph the plant and turn it into a texture for use in their products.

If they took ANY of their photographic source from the web, then the original photographer holds the IP rights. Not Heart Botanicals.

Why does this creator, out of all, bother me with their rants about copybotted content? Two reasons. One, they sound off in popular forums, but never ever follow up with news about whether they used DMCA to have the content removed. Two, they always blame the grids they find the stuff on, like it's the grid owner's fault it's there.

Got news for you, ladies. It's not the grid owner's fault, and as Misty Harley said in that post, you should start by looking in your own backyard, because if it it truly copybotted, it's on Second Life, first.

Lilith Heart pulled this crap with Inworldz in the Second Life forums, claiming that tropical foliage in a picture on the site and the viewer was her content, copybotted.

Okay Lilith, did you actually travel somewhere and photograph those trees and bushes, then crop the plants out for use in your products - or did you find the original photographs somewhere on the web, crop out the plants, and use them? Did you do the same for every pine tree, every maple, every birch - every single plant in your collection, or did you use someone else's photos as source?

You're right, I'm calling Heart into question, because, quite frankly, I'm sick and tired of them running all over and trying to ruin the good name of other grids because they claim their content was copybotted and taken there.

Anyone who lives in the right area(s) can take pictures of water lilies. There are probably thousands of pictures of water lilies on the web. How are we supposed to know if the lilies we see on the Kitely grid, or Inworldz grid, or OpenSim grid were taken from Heart? For all we know, someone else took the photo those lilies were derived from. Heart does NOT have the exclusive right to distribute water lilies, either in texture form or 3D plant form - and yet, every time they cry wolf, you get the impression that (a) they are above reproach, and (b) they are the only ones allowed to distribute that particular plant or tree, and only on SL.

I also happen to know of a program that would let you generate some very realistic-looking, vector-based trees, and I know people use the program to create tree textures they sell, either as textures, or as a finished product. I'm just as sure that there are some standard settings that can be used to produce a tree or bush, and that with the thousands of creators in 3D worlds, it's bound to happen that two or more creators come up with the same basic tree or bush using this program. Is it right for any one of them to claim first rights to distribute it? No.

Awhile back, I posted about another texture creator who thinks they are above reproach - and then I found out that quite a few of their textures were pictures literally stolen off the web and resold, or manipulated in a graphics program and resold when the source for the material has a TOS forbidding such things. Down fell the house of cards.

Will that happen with Heart, or do they have some manner to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, to their entire audience reach that each and every allegedly "stolen" plant or texture is theirs? Because now I'm calling them on the carpet.

If you're going to point fingers, watch what points back at you. Prove beyond a reasonable doubt that those lilies came from your own handiwork. Either that, or shut up, because we're all sick of you blacklisting whole grids.
broken egg

Inworldz: Teasing Can Hurt.

Yes, I have a lot on my mind this sue me. :P

You know I love you all. You know I do. But I have to say one thing: Not everyone appreciates teasing.

Two individuals come to mind, both of which are close to me, and both of which sometimes find themselves relentlessly teased. One, I've had to talk down from leaving Inworldz, more than once. If the teasing continues with the other, you will threaten the delicate balance I have that brought this person back into Inworldz.

A lot of people portray themselves as "routine people" when in 3D worlds. Some do not. I do not. I am a Fae Cat. Yes, I look like a human with a tail and split-pupil eyes, but I'm not a human. Everyone so far accepts this about me, and they don't give me crap over it.

In the two individuals' cases I'm thinking about - one portrays himself as an animal and the other as a fictional human character. Now granted, I know there are those of you "out there" who, for whatever reason, cannot handle the concept of anyone being anything but themselves in a virtual world. That's fine - just don't mistreat others because they choose to show a facet of their personality that isn't strictly "them".

Please do me a favor, and cut down on the teasing, in the forums, in the group chats. These two people, and those like them, will often not say anything in their own defense but will talk to their friends about how hurt they are. Some consider leaving Inworldz, and yet others do so. Inworldz is supposed to be a grid where anyone can do and be anything. Please don't ruin that for those who dare to be different.

Just keep in mind the Golden Rule. If you consider too much teasing to be harassment, then don't do it to others. Before making fun, take the time to get to know someone. If they are playing a character other than a routine representation of themselves, take time to find out what their background and basic storyline is. If you just cannot wrap your mind around someone doing something like this, then please, just don't say anything. That's better than blurting out the first thing to hit your mind.

Inworldz Birthday Bash - Under The Wire

Okay, okay. So, I was a wee bit busy when all the stuff started with the Inworldz Birthday Bash - BUT - I got a plot with a mere 14 hours till showtime and I did manage to get up something pretty neat, though it isn't nearly as extensive as other builds I've seen around the same sim.

Here are two shots - one of the pavilion at a distance, the other a closeup of the main sign. Inside are free gifts (turn on your hovertips folks, they're not set to auto buy!), signs with LMs and information, and group joiners. I've done my best to make it both visually and audibly pleasant (neato Celtic music on the stream...but turn off your stream and listen carefully to the peaceful glass bell sounds, too). If it's not dark, then turn your environment onto midnight or therabouts, stand under the star in the soft light, and let the dropping stars fall around you...feel the peace, the serenity.

Update on "Cry Copybot Wolf"


Okay, ladies, it's about time someone told you this - and you can check this out for yourselves:


I looked at those pictures, and while the arrangements look similar, there is nothing there that screams "Heart Botanicals" to me - and I own two of your arrangements over on Second Life.

Until you can prove to ALL OF US, beyond any reasonable doubt, that those specific arrangements are your own - and we all want to see the proof and have it be verifiable - someone else could have simply copied your IDEA to another grid.

Right now, if I wanted to, I could duplicate your arrangement on Inworldz but it would be mine, with my textures, and my prims. Even though it may look very similar to yours, it would NOT be yours. It would be mine to do with as I pleased.

In fact, I could do it BETTER. Your sword reeds are phantom as well as your lily pads. Both alpha clash with prim water badly. They aren't much better in virtual water. I could make those reeds out of PRIMS and avoid the alpha clash.

I'd like to see you try to claim THAT as your own. Nothing angers me more than seeing a holier-than-thou attitude over an IDEA.

PROVE that arrangement is yours. Do you bury a watermark or an extra prim in it? Then it should be easy to prove.

Until you can prove you actually MADE it, you have nothing to say, and you look like a fool.

Just like how many different ways can a prim palm tree be made? Countless. If those palms and tropical foliage you spied on the Inworldz site were similar but not exactly yours, there again, you're libeling whole grids without proof. That's a sue-able offense and you would be on the defendant side - NOT the plaintiff's.