April 1st, 2011



NEWSFLASH! This one is hot off the wires!

Mother Nature, and some intrepid gardener, whose identity remains a secret, are being jointly sued by Heart Botanicals for copyright infringement.

The following is photographic evidence that the two conspired:

"We are declaring war!" said one of the Heart sisters.

Heart Botanicals produces landscaping and plant materials for use in the popular 3D interactive platform known as Second Life.

"We just know they stole our arrangement right off their hard drive and planted it right in their pond. They ought to be so ashamed of themselves!" said the other Heart sister. They went on to denegrate Real Life for having the nerve to harbor stolen content and advised that no one participate there.

Authorities are currently investigating this apparent blatant attempt to infringe on the Heart copyright regarding any arrangement of sword reeds and water lilies.

Mother Nature did not comment, but offered a sneer at hearing the news.

The gardener, meanwhile, simply offered up that the plants seemed to go well together and certainly complimented her pond. She had no clue that Heart Botanicals retained sole copyright to that particular arrangement.

Developments will be aired on the 11PM news.

April Fools...

OutOfWorld Forums

A couple of my friends from InWorldz wanted forums which were a wee bit "looser" than the official ones - where you can let your hair down, so to speak, not watch your language as close, etc...

Thus were born the OutOfWorld Forums.

You'll find great folks like Cryptic Quandary, Johnny Night, Southie Allen, Tormie Baarer and other names you know posting there. The more we get folks involved, the sooner the board can go pro!

I'm getting a real chuckle out of some of the things I'm reading there, so sojourn forth with your sense of humor intact.

Be aware that if you are a special snowflake or a wilting flower, you won't last long.

See you there!