April 7th, 2011

The Heart Sisters Speak


You know what I find interesting, Heart sisters? You don't allow comments on your blog.

You can holler and screed all day and nobody can say a word - on YOUR blog - in their defense.

That alone tells me that you're afraid of criticism.

I never said you weren't a content creator. What I said was "You cannot tell that those are YOUR lilies and YOUR reeds just from a picture." If you could create the meshes, others could've, as well. In addition, they could've reproduced the pattern of plants almost exactly as you did, and quite frankly, you couldn't do a thing about it.

Perhaps that's why you're content to sit back on your blog and accuse others without solid proof.

I asked if you had gone to the grid itself and identified the plants in some manner that cannot be refuted. You have not answered that question, leaving me to assume the answer is no. This tells me that you have not placed a watermark or some identifying prim within each one that you can point to and say "that's mine".

I see that you used software that others can acquire to create your meshes. This supports my claim that others could have just as easily created the same meshes. In fact, you were rather careless in showing the exact layout of those meshes without obscuring them in some way, which makes it all the easier for someone else to copy them.

As I said - and I now repeat - you CANNOT copyright an idea, only the execution of it. If someone else gets it into their head to replicate your meshes from scratch, and produce 3d digital plants from them, there isn't a thing you can do about it. You could bitch on your blog and in forums (you're very good at that) but legally you could not do a thing about it.

The next time you "cry wolf", let's see you take the high road. Start marking your plants in a way that's uniquely identifiable. Go to the grid and sim in question and see if the plant there bears your mark. Then, and only then, do you have a case - a case that should be tried in a court of law or via a DMCA takedown notice, rather than screeds in public forums.

It's about time you stopped slandering whole grids when you think someone has directly copied your work and moved it there.

It's also about time you stopped hiding behind no-comment blogs to give other people grief over what they have said.