April 16th, 2011


The Yardstick

The anonymous comments keep coming in, slamming me because I dared to challenge a Big Name Creator on their mishandling of no less than 3 alleged cases of copybot.

The latest few have inspired me to say something else -

Every creator - from the person making their first prims all the way to those who have earned thousands of RL dollars from their work - deserves respect.

Every time you compare someone's work to a Big Name, you are doing them a vast disservice. Virtual worlds are our laboratories, where we may cook up just a box, or a whole community. Each person is an individual, with individual visions and dreams, and also different talents and kinds of talents. You can't compare one to the other in a fair manner.

Some set out to make real money, others set out to create first for their happiness, then the happiness of others, and yet others fall somewhere else on the spectrum. No matter what you make, or how you make it, it is a creation that didn't exist prior to that moment, and don't you let anyone tell you that it is worthless.

Just whose "yardstick" are we using here? People who have big egos and think anything less is worthless, or those who look at that prim you created and say "wow, I could't do that!" How about a third option - your OWN "yardstick"?

Don't let ANYONE discourage you. Even the best had to start with routine prims, and they had to learn how to make them and arrange them, before they came up with what everyone sees these days.

It may take you longer, or it may take you no time at all, to get to the place your favorite Big Name has gotten to. I propose another idea outside of the box - don't aspire to be like anyone save yourself. Start by creating things that YOU like and that YOU would use, then see if anyone else would like to buy them. The more you do it, the better you'll refine your own techniques. Don't worry about where you are on a scale compared to anyone else.

Create. That's the important thing. We all have thoughts and ideas - virtual world creation is the manifestation of that which we have in our own heads.

Ignore those who would rain on your parade. They have no authority over you that you don't give them yourself, and if you are happy in your own little corner of the multiverse creating things, then tell them to go elsewhere and find someone else to bother. If they won't leave, find a new corner and make it your own. The multiverse has infinite corners we can all take, occupy, and make our own.

Your dreams are what is important - not some other person's words. They're just as human as you are and while you may not know them well, one thing you can know: If they're giving you a hard time because your creations are somehow "not good enough" then there's something wrong with them and they should mind their own business.

I'm talking out-of-turn, deliberately demeaning, not-to-help kind of criticism here, not the kind a well-meaning person might give you to help you get ahead. No...there are a lot of naesayers out there who derive some sort of perverse satisfaction in putting you down. Don't listen to those, especially if you're a Creator.

There's a little Artist in all of us.