April 24th, 2011


Two Years

There is a man
With shadowed eyes
Who literally stumbled into my life
Roughly two years ago...
A year later,
We walked down the aisle.

Here we are, two years later
And despite rough seas
And the occasional bad word
We are still together,
Still in love,
Still bound in faith and spirit.

Dear Willy,
"I love you" just doesn't cut it
It doesn't say enough.
You have my heart.
You have my soul
And you have everything that is me,
Now and forever.

You are my moon,
You are my sun,
You are my rain
And spring days full of flowers.
You are my best friend
And my staunchest defender.

You are my warm blanket at night,
And my loving embrace at day.

You are everything to me.