April 29th, 2011


What to do, What to do...

There, for awhile, we had another 'rush' on Inworldz. Now, the rush seems to be back to Second Life. It goes back and forth like that, in one big wave.

I don't think Inworldz is really going to take off till Phlox, then the new physics engine, are in place. I know, same old same old...but it's true. People are waiting on those things.

I'm sitting in my community center on Celtic Dreams right now, trying to figure out what to do with this island. I have it set up as a lush, green residential island, and as of right now, I have one paying renter. One.

I just issued notices for a new renter's special but I don't have high hopes for it, which leads me back to the question: What do I do with this island? I'm loathe to give it up but at the same time it's not going anywhere.

I have turned out new products and again, they don't seem to be going much of anywhere. Judging by the sheer volume of notices which land in my email every single day, I'd say we're rather oversaturated and back to a stagnation point.

Willy and I began to build a club, but right now I think we'll have more success on SL with a club than we will here. Again, oversaturation, despite the fact that the genres of music we intend to host are not mainstream as known on Inworldz.

We have begun building the same club, on a smaller scale, on SL. It's not even open yet and there is already interest.

Yes, today I'm depressed. I despair over whether to keep all 4 of my islands, or give 2 of them up. Dryad has renters but there's still a lot of space waiting. Fantasian markets were booming for awhile but they, too, have waned.


I will pay one more month on all 4 islands but if something doesn't change radically before June, I will reluctantly give two of them up. I have to devote my time and my resources where they will do the most good.