May 17th, 2011


Caught in a Popular SL Group

This came up as we were discussing the latest rolling restarts and the problems caused, including some pretty hefty problems with inventory.

[09:16:01] Person One: oh the mayans were right, cataclysm is here
[09:16:10] Marie Resch: lol
[09:16:16] Person Two: oh i thought that was next year
[09:16:21] Marie Resch: not till the end of 2012
[09:16:23] Person Two: now is fine by me tho
[09:16:27] Person Three: the mayans said next winter, it's some guy from oakland who thinks it's this week
[09:16:30] Marie Resch: haha
[09:16:42] Person One: nuh nuh, in SL it happens earlier
[09:16:48] Marie Resch: ohhhhhhh
[09:16:52] Marie Resch: heheh
[09:17:05] Person Two: lol nono in sl it will happen more slowly due to lag
[09:17:13] Person One: lol
[09:17:17] Marie Resch: ROFL