July 21st, 2011

broken egg


I have already covered how many texture artists rip free textures off the web and resell them in virtual worlds - and many of the sites they rip from specifically forbid selling, or modifying and selling, the textures as textures (in other words, they can be sold if they are on a surface of a build, but not stand-alone).

That's bad enough, and if you're familiar with free texture sites on the web, it's fairly easy to spot and to avoid buying from them.

It also seems there are top-name virtual world clothing designers who think nothing of ripping off copyrighted artwork and trademarked names.

The case that came to my attention is a well-known, generally top-name, clothing artist. They aren't from the USA, but they are from a Western country with similar laws. They speak fluent English and are more than capable of understanding basic IP rights. After all, they don't want their designs ripped off.

But what about the rock artists, video game companies, movie companies, etc. that THEY are ripping off?

Name a heavy metal rock artist, and they likely have an outfit not only named after the group but containing copyrighted art from the group.

Name a movie. The Prophecy, Avatar, Predator, Alien, Friday the 13th, Halloween....name a character. Freddy Krueger. The Predator. Spawn. Michael Meyers.

Every single one of those - and more - are in their shop, and clearly illegal.

But GODS FORBID if someone tries to rip THEM off!

Now just where is the justice in that?

Be very, very careful what you buy and where. If it contains a name, art, or anything that you know is copyrighted by a video game company, movie studio, music group or similar business, don't buy it. It'll just vanish from your inventory eventually and you'll lose the money you spent.