August 11th, 2011


Grid Wars - Why?

I don't understand why some people engage in Grid Wars.

Recently, a fellow came to Inworldz apparently just to start a fight. When he was asked to calm down and behave, he called everyone Nazis and left. Um, here's a tip: Invoking Godwin's Law straight out of the gate is never wise.

I also got called a lot of colorful metaphors when attempting to engage in dialogue with this person. First, they objected to me not having a facial picture on my twitter account. Just to prove a point, I made one of my SL avatar and used it. Him? He has some "ooh be scared of me" type of pic where he's wearing a gladiator helmet IRL. I've also seen other pics of him, all real - and all I can say is he looks like a very angry fellow. He also claims to "breed humans" so either he's busy making pixel babies in SL or he's referring to "spreading his seed" in the concrete world. If it's the latter, I truly pity any young woman who would get involved with him. He impresses me as an abuser.

He uses Second Life, though, and I wonder why. When I told him I was a builder and I had better things to do than trade insults with him, he criticized me for that - which frankly doesn't make a whit of sense. After all, he obviously uses SL products that someone made - clothing at least - so why would he be all high and mighty about builders?

He also has an avatar that likely has a skin someone made. He probably has a house that someone made, furnished with items someone else made.

Even if he's one of these "real people" proponents, he is still present in a virtual world and making use of virtual goods. So, what's his problem?

I have a significant presence on both SL and Inworldz. I own land in both places, I sell goods in both places, I have fun in both places - and I don't criticize anyone else who does the same thing, whether it's on those two grids or others.

The only thing that comes to mind is the presence of other successful grids somehow threatens the notion of existence for this fellow and others like him. Perhaps they are afraid everyone will leave SL for other grids, and then SL will shut down. Well, Inworldz has been around for over 2 years and SL is still here, too. I think SL will continue to exist in some form as long as there are people willing to call it home.

Don't be a hater. Other grids have elements that appeal to people, just like SL. No one should be afraid to explore, branch out, and most of all, have fun.

As for you, angry fellow? I wouldn't want to meet you in real life with your attitude. I would never consider making pixel babies with you, and I will enjoy my virtual lives without your constraints...because that is what it's really about, constraining and controlling others, isn't it?

New stuff frightens a lot of people - even those in virtual worlds.

Random thoughts

I am sitting here in my virtual home on SL, wondering why there are people who hate so much, for one.

That may sound entirely naive, I know. It isn't that I'm not aware that a great majority of the human race consists of vile, ignorant scum - it's that I am still continually surprised to find it in virtual worlds, the bastion of creativity.

I think it has a lot to do with what demographics Linden Lab is choosing to market Second Life to, for one. Sorry, but the Facebook crowd isn't what I'd exactly think of as virtual world material, even though many of my peers have Facebook accounts for the sake of networking. Sorry, Linden Lab, Second Life will never be another Facebook game, no matter how much you'd like it to be.

Speaking of, I closed my account there and I will never sign into it, again. I'm well aware of them datamining me, my friends, probably my cats too. I am also aware that they let other organizations use this data without my permission. Well, my "tacit" permission is rescinded.

I also don't care for the new "facebook-like" profile options Linden Lab has put on the web, and I'm not the only one who feels that it's a violation of personal privacy. Nobody asked for their web profiles to be on the web. Now considering that it displays at least minimal data, no matter if you set all the permissions to "nobody" - don't you think it would've been a better thing for Linden Lab to at least notify us, if not ask us if we wanted it? I've seen where people have pointed out their language of "opt in". Ummm, no. You did not let me opt in - or opt out. You just did it.

I would like a separate site altogether, where my non-virtual-world friends can network with me, as well as friends from all the grids I'm involved with. Thanks to Linden Lab, avatar-based social networking seems to have gone bye-bye.

Yes, I've heard of Diaspora. They also aren't taking new users at this time and it's not open to everyone yet.

Today I encountered two people that turn my stomach. One is well-known to many as a hypocrite who doesn't follow her own advice; the other thinks he's God's Gift to Women.

Let's start with the hypocrite. They espouse "ethics" and "morals" on Second Life, but don't really define what those are. I'm left to assume they are "her" morals and ethics, and she "expects" everyone else to follow them, or they get ranted about. A friend of mine says he knows the source of her woes. I don't have to know the source of her woes to say that she is a hypocrite for not following her own advice. "Ethics" imply that you behave as an upstanding, honest citizen of Second Life, known for your honesty and integrity. That kind of person doesn't regularly engage in tearing down other people just for "the sake of" by slinging meanspirited lowbrow pot shots at them. "Morals" are as varied as there are people in this world; nobody can say what set of morals is right for the majority, though many try. I endeavor to treat others with consideration. That could be considered "having morals". However, anything beyond that is very personal to me. For instance: I am a real life shaman and witch who doesn't leave her beliefs at her modem. I don't worship the Christian's definition of God. Does that make me somehow "immoral"? I don't happen to think so, though the espouser of "morals" may say so. I don't have sex in the open with random people but I do have sex with my partner in the privacy of our own SL home. Does that make me "immoral"? What about those who enjoy sex on adult beaches in front of others? Are they "immoral"? Again, I don't think so, because they're doing it in an appropriate area. Since Second Life decided to separate clearly "adult" activities off into their own category, the hypocrite has no reason to visit those areas, though I wager they love to take pot shots at them. And why? Because the people that frequent such areas and engage in that kind of activity don't fit her personal definition of "morals". Oh WELL. STFU and go hang out in an area rated General, then.

Now let's talk about God's Gift to Women, who earned that title after hurling some rather "colorful metaphors" at me via Twitter. For all the prowess he claims to have with women, the treatment I got on Twitter has led me to never want to meet this guy, inworld or out. I was treated to the most misogynistic abuse you can imagine. He also impresses me as a "real person" proponent - one of those that "insists" you must be a "real human" on Second Life, something else that I've never understood. What is utterly hilarious about that is his avatar looks nothing like his real life self. The pictures he has of his real life self are carefully taken from the shoulders up, leaving me to imagine a belly underneath - and yet his avatar looks like someone who just shot up with steroids and stepped out of a gym, not to mention a helluva lot younger and more attractive. His real life pictures also convey a very angry man, one who could pop off at any second if someone said the wrong thing. I certainly said the wrong things when I conversed briefly with him on Twitter. It wasn't hard for me to imagine him getting physically violent with a flesh-and-blood woman just because she didn't "look up to" him or "please" him, or dared to have a mind of her own. You might say I know the type, and that type deserves a baseball bat upside the head before he gets the chance to breed real babies. He sure makes a big deal over breeding pixel babies. I swear I could smell the testosterone through my monitor.

Nymwars are still going on and Google has responded by telling us nym-favorers to STFU.

The treatment I suffered from the guy I just described is reason enough to keep my concrete identity to myself. I've already cited at least two other examples of why I don't want the world in general to know my concrete identity. Being a woman, I am automatically marginalized. Being an opinionated woman who thinks for herself REALLY makes me marginalized - especially when I live in a country that is currently beholden to the worst wingnuts in the Christian religion. I'm supposed to sit down, cross my legs, and shut up - that is till a man wants something from me. Ask my concrete life male roommate just how far that goes with me. NOT!

God's Gift to Women criticized me for still having my rainbow-colored NymWars icon up, so I took a headshot of my SL avatar and put THAT up. Sorry idiot, that's all you get. You will never see a concrete life pic of me if I can help it.