September 23rd, 2011


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  • Thu, 12:28: #nymwars - Why are some so naive?
  • Thu, 12:32: #nymwars - Why are some so naive?
  • Thu, 12:37: Waves at @GrassRootRevolt Thanks for following but you won't like what you see BWAHAHAHA!!!!
  • Thu, 12:38: Gee, the teabaggers have really made a bad word out of "social" in any form. Too bad they listened to Ayn Rand. I won't be social w/them. HA
  • Thu, 12:39: Lenin's concept of socialism is not what "socialism" is meant by in this day and age. Socialism is also looking out for your ....(cont)
  • Thu, 12:39: (cont)...neighbor, the elderly living alone down the street, and your community. People really need to get a clue.
  • Thu, 12:41: The protests on #wallstreet are a prime example of social cooperation, which could likewise be labled "sociali… (cont)
  • Thu, 12:41: Wake up teabaggers! There are more meanings to the term "socialism" than the one you keep batting around!
  • Thu, 12:42: Every other Western country has "socialized" healthcare - everyone but the USA that is. *waves to big Pharma and Insurance Giants*
  • Thu, 12:50: @GrassRootRevolt you are "socialized" by banding together and organizing - how do you like dem apples? A little tart, you say?
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