December 23rd, 2012

Show Wrestling

I have been cogitating on this post for awhile, and yes, I think I'll write it, even if it means that I will get tons of anonymous bad comments (which won't show unless I approve them, anyway) -

I believe that wrestling in SL is essentially exclusive. I hesitate to use the words 'racist' and 'discriminatory' but some WILL use those words. I have yet to see a wrestler of either gender from a different country. I have yet to see one of a different gender identity besides male or female. I know of a neko wrestling referee who is forced to take off her tail if she's working.

I also felt excluded when I was there either as (a) my then-daughter's mascot (an anthro black panther) or (b) as a faecat with a tail. I would say hello to people and they'd essentially ignore me. It wasn't a matter of them missing it - it happened constantly.

Did I see any fans there wearing tails or pointed ears? Nope! Did I see any who were obviously representing another culture? Nope! Did I see any furries or animal avis? HELL Nope!

Just how many black people do you see in televised 'show' wrestling? How about hispanics or asians?

The same seems to hold true with virtual wrestling. You DON'T see them. I saw one Asian girl and I didn't see her after that. She was apparently Japanese.

There was a day I was there that the announcers were actually poking fun at furries - and there I was, just around the corner from them, dressed as my anthro black panther. That's the last time I wore the avatar to a match.

Rosa used to say "come to wrestling, you'll find a man." Uhm...I didn't want a wrestling man, for a couple reasons, including that which I have stated above. The other reason is that wrestling consumes a person's online life, and they don't really have time for much of anything else. I run a Bloodlines clan. I need a partner who can BE there and BE A KING. A wrestler can't do that, and chances are, most of them would not comprehend the immersion involved in it to begin with.

Yes, there is a line to draw between those of us who roleplay, and those who are essentially themselves engaging in activities they could never do in meatspace. Some cross this line, many don't.

Wrestlers do not cross that line.

Digital Dualism and Virtual Worlds

Once again, I had to walk away from a potential partner. Why? He's getting back together with his ex wife IRL.

He couldn't quite understand why I refused to keep seeing him. It's the same old "digital dualism" thing, again.

I may roleplay, but it's my real heart, mind, and spirit behind the avatar. I cannot become involved with someone and NOT feel something for them. It's humanly impossible for me.

I will NOT go there with someone who is committed in meatspace. I just won't do it. Their heart, mind and spirit belong to that person in meatspace. Trying to have a relationship in virtual space is trying to have your cake and eat it too. I won't be a part of that.

I can't just "pretend" to date someone, or marry them. I just can't, and I know a lot of others who feel the same way I do. I can't, and I refuse to, separate my mind and feelings in that manner. It's not natural. It's a lie.