February 27th, 2013

full moon

A note for someone

There is at least one, if not more, people who read my journal just so they can pick over my words and make snarky comments in their own.

I thought of making it friends only; I also considered renaming it, but you know what? I don't care if you read it, I don't care what you think of what I post, and I don't care about the snarky comments you make in your own journals. Chances are that many of your readers don't even know who I am, so all you're doing is making yourself look bad, posting hateful and spiteful comments.

I am not running away because I am not afraid of you. I am also not afraid of what you might say. I already know that you live in your own imagined world, where people like me have somehow ruined yours - and in most cases, we were only showing you love and trying to help you improve it. Go ahead and blame us for your failings if it makes you feel better. It really has no impact on those of us who did nothing but show you kindness and love, only to have our faces slapped and our efforts rebuffed with hatred and imagined slights.

Every person that I know is on your "personal hate list" has seen their lives, on SL and offworld, improve once they were rid of your toxic influence. I'm no different. I'm so busy with a new love and new friends that I don't even spare you a thought, anymore.

The last time we spoke, you tried to hurt me by pushing buttons you know used to tear my heart out. Instead of having my heart torn out this time, I got very very angry with you, and thanks to your own actions, I've made it so that you may never contact me again.

I suggest you move on with the new life you forged, the one you enjoy so much without my presence. If you enjoy it so much, why continue taking swipes at me? I'm sorry but I refuse to be your emotional toxic waste dump, anymore. I don't have time for it nor the inclination to engage.

It already looks like you have some trouble in your paradise as it is. Stop stalking me and deal with the messes you've already managed to make. That's where your energies should be.