March 11th, 2013


Let me just say one thing....

Lord Korgoth, username lordkorgoth, is a liar and has no conscience.

Two days after leaving me, he was bedding a new girl. Four days after that, he was busy seducing a girl from our clan. We got her back, but she has 30 days to prove to us that she's not just playing us.

I also know that there is no way the man has testicular cancer - not when he can cum no less than three times in a row - on cam - stay up till all hours of the night, and be cheerful as hell.

I also know that he has been fucking around with some girl named Tera, whom he was likely camming with the entire time we were together. He whipped out his dick during a 4-way conference chat and the two of them talked freely about their relationship.

He also tried to poach every single active member in my clan, with a couple notable exceptions, by telling them they had no future with me.

I have taken the step of eliminating any co-leader role in the clan. That should hopefully cut off any further gold-diggers.

Some of you reading this aren't familiar with how deeply virtual reality happenings can affect a person...but they can. It isn't as simple as turning off the computer.