September 17th, 2013

full moon

Sexual Harassment should never be...

...regarded as "routine" or "normal".

I don't care if it's some guy calling a woman "baby" when he hasn't been given that right or if it is all the way up to a guy trying to rape a girl or a woman.

Women weren't put on this earth to be the automatic "playthings" of guys. Period.

I wanted to point up this site, and I invite all of you to read some of these stories:

The Everyday Sexism Project

I was led there when reading this article: “Smile, baby”: The words no woman wants to hear . How many of us have faced words like that and wondered why we should smile on cue?

Women are not toys. Women aren't objects that exist just for men's pleasure. Human beings don't exist for each others' pleasure, period. I don't care if you were born with a cock or a set of breasts or even both (in rare cases). Show basic respect for other people no matter what set of body parts they were born with.

Yes, I have been sexually assaulted. I have been the victim of what they now term "date rape". I've had a man pick me up, pay for my dinner, and expect sex afterward (I made an excuse and left his room). I've had people in meatspace make inappropriate comments to me. I've witnessed more than my share of that in virtual space, where my avatar is quite attractive.

IT SHOULDN'T BE HAPPENING AT ALL. The next time a woman expresses rejection of advances or disgust at words, stand up for her. If you're a man, DEFINITELY stand up for her. It'll make a difference.