December 18th, 2013

Things I've come to Loathe.

From mid-week last week till now, rather than learing what I like, I've learned a great deal about what I don't like. Here is a partial list.

  • Voice Chat. I do not like to engage in long-term voice chat with many people, mainly because doing so tends to sap my strength. I have no idea why this happens more than text chat, but it does. There are a very small number of individuals I can voice chat with who don't have this effect on me and this is likely due to the fact that they engage in interesting conversations and are not just looking to have their own voice heard.

  • Child Avatars. I don't mind child avatars, as long as they are not on my sim, and not directly associated with me. Having one toddler for a short amount of time proved to me that I never want to be an SL mother to anyone under, say, mid-teens.

  • People who make big demands on my time. There are times I love to be with family and then there are times I need time to myself. If a person is making demands for large chunks of my time, eventually they wear out their welcome with me. I need the flexibility to be able to back away and be alone now and then, or I become overwhelmed. If they try to say I don't want them, that accusation is more likely to get me to send them flying off the tip of my boot than it is to make me spend even more time with them.

  • Dishonesty. This is definitely a big no-no especially since I can usually find out the truth eventually. Don't ever presume to lie to me and get away with it. All you'll get is an ejection from my life.

  • People who refer to virtual reality as a "game". In nearly every case where I've run into a person who believes this, they use it as an excuse to treat others without basic consideration. This tends to be the mindset of "victims turned victimizers", who will have any and all excuses to mistreat others simply because, at some point in their lives, they were mistreated. So. Not. Into. It. So. Not. An. Excuse.

  • Elitism. There are those within Bloodlines who somehow think that accumulated personal souls somehow make you more of a Bloodlines King/Queen than if you have more souls as a result of your minions. Give me a break. Anyone with enough money can buy all the souls they want. It's far harder to attract and keep minions happy and make them want to gather more into the fold. Besides, what's the point if most of the people under you are souls that belong to alts or have been manufactured? Bloodlines is nothing without the families that are created within its framework. Having a nice sum of what I call "base" souls is a good thing - but it shouldn't be the end-all and be-all.

    In fact, anyone who shows an elitist attitude because of anything can just avoid me. Everyone in virtual reality begins as a newcomer, and gains experience - and a reputation - as they go along. We all come from the same place and it's on us to behave in such a way as to earn respect - rather than trying to demand it for some unverifiable or manufactured reason.

  • People who claim to be dominant and demand respect. True Dominants don't have to demand respect; their very nature and behavior combine to attract it. If you feel the need to put "master" or "mistress" into your display name, and insist that everyone address you as such, you're a poser and you don't deserve the respect you are trying to claim. The same goes for those who have all kinds of macho stuff in their profile. Sorry, but you can say whatever you want in your profile and I will still go by how you act and how you treat others.

  • People who constantly badmouth others. Don't get me wrong - we all have our opinions of certain people and certain groups; however, if you feel the need to run around and constantly badmouth a person or group without any discretion whatsoever, I truly question your motives. There are far more adult and diplomatic ways of getting around or avoiding people and groups we don't like. Besides - how would YOU feel if YOU were the one constantly badmouthed? I don't care what anyone has done, they don't deserve that kind of abuse. Public shaming usually backfires on the shame-r. It's just stupid and childish. If the person or group is really that bad, others will see them for what they are, without your help.