February 17th, 2014


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Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Recently a friend from facebook faced some true hatred from a so-called "Christian" for being bisexual and advocating for LGBT rights. I say "so-called", because Jesus' message to his followers didn't have anything to do with hatred.

I began life baptized into the Evangelical Lutheran faith. I went to catechism. Later in my life, I explored many different Christian denominations, including the Baptists - who, during the time of my childhood, did not have an Old Testament in their Bibles. Why didn't they have one? It was simple.

The Christian religion began with Jesus' teachings in the New Testament. What came before was clearly intended for the Israelites, or the Jews. The ONLY reason for having the Old Testament in any Bible was for learning purposes ONLY. It was NOT a part of the Christian religion that was founded over 2000 years ago.

Jesus preached that he was the New Covenant. His preaching was of Love. His greatest Commandment - the one which superceded any other Commandment given - was "Love thy neighbor as thyself". Neighbor, in this context, meant anyone else outside of yourself. If you "love your neighbor as yourself", you are not about to kill them, steal from them, lie about them, cheat on them with their spouse, envy them for what they have, attempt to make them follow a god they don't believe in, shove idols in their faces, force them into celebrating a day that is not holy to them, force them to not honor their father and mother, or any of the other things people associate with the Ten Commandments. You will treat them with love and respect, because that is what you would want for yourself.

If you look at it this way, then showing hatred and bigotry to those who are different is breaking Jesus' Commandment to Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself.

This does not command you to believe as they do or do as they do. It commands you to accept that each and every person is loved by Creator and comes to the Creator in their own Way.

Recently, it has been proven that there is a gene associated with male homosexuality. That's right, people - it is now proven that at least male homosexuality has a genetic base and can be inherited. In the past, it has also been proven that homosexuality in general (male AND female) has a tie to what was going on with the mother during pregnancy. Hormones shifting can cause the brain of the fetus to take on a certain "wiring", which leads to sexual preference being homo, rather than hetero.

Isn't 21st century technology wonderful?

I don't think it'll take long for them to find gene-related and hormone-related reasons for all LGBT situations.

That leads back to what I was saying, above.

Jesus commanded his followers to love EVERYONE, despite their differences. If people are born LGBT, that means that Creator intended them to be that way for a reason. That means that Christians, as taught by their Leader, should love them just as much as they do heterosexuals, and especially those who share their beliefs.

It can be hard to love someone who appears to be doing things you were taught by your Preacher to be wrong. However, it is also taught that every soul has a bit of the Holy Ghost inside, which will always tell them what is right and what is wrong. That bit of the Holy Ghost will always tell you that it is right to love one another. It will never tell you that it is right to hate one another. Hate is one of those dark things normally associated with your Devil.

Creator creates, Devil corrupts.

Never let another human being - and after all, that's what Preachers are, human beings - try to tell you that is acceptable to hate. That is not what your Jesus taught you.

Think about it.

A little Xtian girl that is so afraid...

This gal finally admitted that she is homosexual. She is fighting hard against her natural sexuality, likely because her parents and family told her that it was wrong.

Several of us have been speaking very reasonably with her. I've nailed it down to her abject fear of her own self.

She keeps hiding this comment, and I keep putting it up. By the fact that she keeps hiding it is proof that she is very, very afraid of the truth.

I feel sorry for those who feel so persecuted that they have to use Xtian religion as a shield and a barrier against those who would challenge them. Maybe some day this gal will get out on her own into the "real" world and see it's really not as all scarey as her parents/preacher/family tell her it is.