September 20th, 2014

broken egg

A "tsunami" of illegal aliens?

Someone I know claims there is a "tsunami" of illegal immigrants storming our southern border.

First of all, I find it strange that those of us who live 300 miles or less from the border in question aren't seeing evidence of this "tsunami".

That's because there isn't a "tsunami".

Yes, we had a sudden influx of children coming in from not just Mexico but South America. They were coming here to avoid the violence perpetuated by the drug cartels - and the ones who were sent back, were slaughtered like the innocents they are.

Yes, we do have innocent people who are trying to get into this country - and you have to ask yourself why. What would motivate people to leave what is likely the only home they've known, to cross desert wasteland to try to get into this country. What do we know about what's going on down there? We know there is abject poverty that no one is striving to remedy. We know powerful drug cartels slaughter people like cattle. We know that factions of our very own government do business with some of those cartels, in order to fund black ops projects. We also know that big banks in our country have already been penalized for laundering drug cartel money.

Put yourself in their shoes, imagine the special kind of hell they have to live with and are trying to escape from, then ask yourself why nothing is being done about it.

There are civilian vigilante groups at the border ostensibly "defending" it. The Border Patrol itself will tell you that these groups have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and actually pose a danger to anyone who does have business to be there. Go home, you fools, and let the BP do its job.

There are other groups down there trying to save lives, to prevent the southern desert from being littered with the bodies of refugees who have been dying of thirst and injury. I commend those people for trying to do the right thing.

Now I would love to see our role in the violence driving people north to stop. Legalize and regulate drugs. Sweep the rug out from under the cartel's feet, and for all the gods sake, stop doing business with them. Encourage the countries to do something, not only about the violence, but also about the conditions of poverty. There are people dying down there, every day, that we never hear about.

If we took just a fraction of the money that's used to influence Washington and applied it to humanitarian programs, we wouldn't have people claiming there was a "tsunami" of people storming our southern border.

We don't need fear. We need love, and an outpouring of help. We don't need hate. We need love, and to extend a hand, diverting money from warmongering to actually helping innocent people.

Stop the wars for blood, oil, and treasure, and use the money to better people's lives. Our country helped to make the mess south of the border, now they should help clean it up.