January 28th, 2017

full moon

One of the hardest things to admit...

I have to admit that I can't fight by myself, anymore.

I have paid for a lifetime DAV membership. Tonight, I found my regional office, and I sent an email there - it's in Los Angeles.

Michael also reminded me that we have a full copy of my medical records from the VA, from the nearly two years I wasted trying to get a lawyer involved, just to be told that they couldn't take my case. Did they say why? Nope.

I also looked up more information on the Veterans Choice Program, for which I have a card. Since I require the services of a neurologist, and the closest one is 90 miles away one-way, I may qualify under the "undue burden" clause to see one in the local area.

Small steps, but steps nonetheless.


Just to give y'all an idea of what stress like what I experienced earlier can do to me: I forgot the name of the neurologist I had when I lived in Wisconsin, all but the first letter of his last name. I had to look him up to remember his name. Now, that is not something I would normally forget - but that's what happens to me when something in my life goes SO wrong that I get really upset (and thank Goddess, that doesn't happen very much).

I drew a complete blank on the man's name. If you don't have memory problems, you cannot possibly comprehend how horrible that is.

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