February 8th, 2017


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A Crazy Conversation

This occurred on Second Life. Name replaced to protect the identity of the guilty.

[2017/02/08 14:49:12] Other Person: (Saved Wed Feb 08 07:46:59 2017)so you're going to bring up crazy SJW bullshit which is entirely political and has absolutely zero basis in reality, then make your first rule "leave your politics at the door." chances are, you're just as racist and sexist as the people who organized that march, which promoted murderers and terrorists and sharia law (which obviously must not be a rape culture because western culture is the rape culture) as the rest of them. why would i bother listening to a racist sexist rape apologist stalinist? you'd be the first one executed if you got what you wanted!
[2017/02/08 14:50:02] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): are you entirely crazy?
[2017/02/08 14:50:44] Other Person: nopers. i believe a rapist should go to prison regardless of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs.
[2017/02/08 14:50:54] Other Person: i don't believe Sharia Law is an advancement for women's rights.
[2017/02/08 14:51:05] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): that's what most people believe and the women's march had nothing to do with sharia law
[2017/02/08 14:51:07] Other Person: but there was a speaker at the Woman's March who does believe we should implement Sharia Law.
[2017/02/08 14:51:12] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): who?
[2017/02/08 14:51:18] Other Person: some crazy muslim girl.
[2017/02/08 14:51:42] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): I watched the women's march and saw most of the speeches, none of them had to do with Sharia law. That's insane.
[2017/02/08 14:52:20] Other Person: haven't you heard you can't prosecute muslim rapists because it will cause racism?
[2017/02/08 14:52:39] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): that's not true and I don't know who you're listening to, but they're filling your head with bull.
[2017/02/08 14:55:24] Other Person: okay. why did it take riots to get muslim rapists arrested, and why was their government more willing to arrest the people demanding justice than the actual assailants?
[2017/02/08 14:55:38] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): that's in another country, not here
[2017/02/08 14:55:52] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): and it wasn't right, I agree
[2017/02/08 14:57:10] Other Person: i don't know why people protest Trump at all. it makes no sense at all. my one friend lost friends who said Trump will kill gays and remove women's rights. well, maybe it's time we had parity in reproductive rights? maybe women should have the same rights as men when it comes to parenthood?
[2017/02/08 14:57:41] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): they protest Trump because he's against anything that will help the people, and he's a buffoon.
[2017/02/08 14:58:25] Other Person: because Stalinism is so much better? because letting Anita Sarkeesian run the country is a vast improvement? because Kristi Winters is right about everything, and Steve Shives really knows about how oppressive our country is?
[2017/02/08 14:58:37] Other Person: because if you didn't want to have a baby you should not have had sex?
[2017/02/08 14:59:13] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): Stalinism is not Democratic Socialism. That's where you get it wrong. I don't know those people but I do know people like Elizabeth Warren. Do you know who she is?
[2017/02/08 14:59:40] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): Do you know who Bernie Sanders is?
[2017/02/08 14:59:56] Other Person: because he has to date whatever woman wants to date him, because he's not permitted to have standards, but if i told you to date a poor man who was overweight and jobless, you'd say "Hello no!"
[2017/02/08 15:00:02] Other Person: do you know who Gad Saad is?
[2017/02/08 15:00:11] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): Both of them want to protect your rights as a woman, and your rights to full healthcare
[2017/02/08 15:00:25] Other Person: if you don't want to have a baby, don't have sex. gender parity achieved in reproductive rights.'
[2017/02/08 15:00:35] Other Person: does that please you, or is that "more crazy talk?"
[2017/02/08 15:00:43] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): How about we teach men not to abuse women, hm?
[2017/02/08 15:01:12] Other Person: owh, sure sure! let's do that. it's not like we don't ALREADY TEACH MEN NOT TO HURT WOMEN FROM CHILDHOOD!
[2017/02/08 15:01:17] Other Person: how about you stop abusing men?
[2017/02/08 15:01:26] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): I'm not abusing men.
[2017/02/08 15:01:32] Other Person: how about you date the 80% of men "that aren't up to your standards?"
[2017/02/08 15:01:38] Other Person: yeah, right. i believe you do abuse men.
[2017/02/08 15:01:43] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): I don't judge people by their looks, either.
[2017/02/08 15:01:46] Other Person: you're no NAWALT unicorn.
[2017/02/08 15:01:53] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): wtf is that?
[2017/02/08 15:02:01] Other Person: sure you do. you put race and sex above everything else.
[2017/02/08 15:02:14] Other Person: hell, i tell you not to have sex not to have babies, and you don't answer it.
[2017/02/08 15:02:15] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): Actually, I don't
[2017/02/08 15:02:17] Other Person: you think that's vile.
[2017/02/08 15:02:23] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): I didn't say that, you did.
[2017/02/08 15:02:23] Other Person: but you tell that to men all the time.
[2017/02/08 15:02:35] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): no, I don't
[2017/02/08 15:02:48] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): I don't tell anyone anything. I share opinions, but they're just that - opinions.
[2017/02/08 15:02:54] Other Person: why would you support a movement that refuses to give men domestive violence shelters?
[2017/02/08 15:03:07] Other Person: here's an opinion: most domestic violence is reciprocal.
[2017/02/08 15:03:12] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): because we live in a patriarchal society that doesn't need them.
[2017/02/08 15:03:13] Other Person: owh wait ... that's a FACT>
[2017/02/08 15:03:17] Other Person: you don't like FACTs.
[2017/02/08 15:03:28] Other Person: owh, please.
[2017/02/08 15:03:33] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): never said that, either. You don't know me, so stop judging me
[2017/02/08 15:03:36] Other Person: we live in a gynocentric society that somehow hates women?
[2017/02/08 15:03:38] Other Person: really!?
[2017/02/08 15:03:40] Other Person: are you insane?
[2017/02/08 15:03:58] Other Person: take your entitlement and your privilege and shove it up your ass!
[2017/02/08 15:04:14] Other Person: go do like that one girl did: LIVE AS A MAN FOR A YEAR.
[2017/02/08 15:04:21] Other Person: owh wait. i forgot. now she's a misogynist.
[2017/02/08 15:04:22] мαяiε яẫνεηсяөω (marie.resch): Okay. As I said, I don't know who you're listening to, but they're filling your head with bull, and you don't know anything about me, so you can keep your opinions to yourself.
[2017/02/08 15:04:30] Other Person: you're not privileged?
[2017/02/08 15:04:31] Other Person: really?
[2017/02/08 15:04:38] Other Person: wow. just. wow.