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Financial Domination and Virtual Reality

This morning, I did a websearch and financial domination is in fact listed as a BDSM fetish. Of course, as with any sort of BDSM or D/s fetish or subject, this can be exploited by those who are simply seeking unhealthy power over another and, especially, an unhealthy power over another's finances. It's an easy way to make money - however, in the concrete universe, if you are doing it simply to milk wallets and you aren't acting like a true Dominant, then word will get around the community that you're a fraud.

That isn't so easy in virtual life. I'm seeing a disturbing trend of greedy douchecanoes setting themelves up as Financial Dominants just so they can finance their virtual life at someone else's expense.

In a concrete-life Financial D/s situation, a responsible Dominant will execute a contract, signed by both themselves and the sub/slave, so that the sub cannot come back later and try to claim the Dominant robbed them - and also to protect the sub from unhealthy exploitation.

In Second Life, I know this isn't happening. You're getting greedy ass sons of bitches claiming to be Financial Dominants who wouldn't know the first thing about being a Dominant in the first place. What's worse is you're getting inexperienced people who are buying into this scam, and forking over money to these charlatans.

I found out this morning that a Bloodlines clan was founded, just for Financial Dominants and their slaves.

Take it from a Switch who was trained by a concrete-life Master, who not only knew what he was doing, but had ethics to boot - DON'T FALL FOR THIS. In nine out of ten cases it's a complete scam and the so-called Dominant doesn't know what the hell they're doing. They just don't want to pay for their own Second Life.

If you are serious about doing this virtually - and I don't recommend it, as so many can scam - get to know your Dominant to the point where you know who they are in the concrete universe. Discuss signing a RL contract with the Dominant, and make it one that can be terminated at any time, without any sort of backlash.

Protect yourself. Your submission, in ANY form, is a priceless gift. Don't just be giving it to the next Tom, Dick, or Mary who claims to be a Dominant.
Tags: bdsm, douchecanoes, financial domination, scam artists, second life, virtual reality

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