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Screwy textures and other SL Stuff

Been seeing textures screwed up? Read this article:

HTTP Assets Improve Grid Performance and Other Technology News

If that's too tech heavy for you, here is a synopsis by Wayfinder Wishbringer on the Elfclan Community:

SL waited YEARS to fix some very serious texture fetching bugs. I have been witness to such bugs; one day, half my shop and everything outside of it was displaying some weird sort of "test pattern" made up of blacks, whites, blues, and pink/reds. Another time every texture around me displayed the Google start page.

Some people have said Inworldz is in the stone age, but I wager these bugs were some of the FIRST they fixed as they've been rewriting the code.

And SL wonders why they're bleeding users like mad...

The latest word is they're going to sunset SL Viewer 1.23 and force everyone to use SL Viewer 2.1. If and when they do that, there goes a significant portion of their remaining user base.

One can't help but think they're somehow doing this on purpose, like perhaps they'd invite too many lawsuits just shutting down so they're doing their best to chase off as many as possible? Their blatant lack of customer support and attention is astounding.
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