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Pondering the factors of existence

I have been thinking about this for awhile...this idea of Left versus Right, darkness versus light.

Science teaches us that the best of all worlds is a balance. When you get too much of one side and not enough of another, things go out of whack and tend toward a chaotic state.

I consider myself Shamanic more than anything else. I also have the gift of being a Free Thinker, able to formulate my own opinions through observation. During the time that I grew up and attended various schools, a thing like "critical thinking" was a common subject, and highly encouraged. In the current age, unfortunately, it isn't quite as common a concept and, as a result, you get a lot of people who are taught to echo that which is drilled into their brains without so much questioning if it's really something they believe. They don't possess the wherewithal to even consciously know whether to question.

How do those of us, who were ingrained with the need to question and see things beyond the surface, then teach others who were not taught as we were?

Personally, I take a two-step approach to solving the puzzles of this corporate age. The first, which is something that most people can grasp, is to say "follow the money". Money is obviously used to buy influence in this world, and especially, in this country, the United States. Where you find a large investment, you also find the determination to sway the majority toward an idea. In a lot of the cases, this "ideal" is not something which serves the majority; instead, it serves a minority and ensures their influence over the majority.

Always look for those individuals and groups whose ideal is not based on money. Scientists, for example. Monied interests of the day, whose fortune is based in things like fossil fuels, will constantly decry scientists, whose ideal is to search for the truth. The reason they decry scientists and science is that it is otherwise hard to argue with. Yes, climate change exists, and no matter how much money is thrown around trying to deny it, you can no longer deny the changes which are right in front of your face. Huge swaths of arctic and antarctic ice melting at a frightening pace. Severe winters and even more severe summers, right at home, complete with damaging storms in one place and drought in another. An ocean level that is due to keep rising thanks to the melting of all that ice. Other extremes the likes of which most of our generation and those younger have never seen. Mother Nature, who cannot be swayed by paper currency, is showing each and every one of us exactly what we need to know: Greenhouse gasses are fucking up the environment and it might already be too late to reverse the effects. Be that as it may, there are changes we can make that will slow down the effects and, in some cases, mediate them so they aren't as severe as they have the potential to be.

One must look at the spiritual as well as the mundane, however. I'm not talking religion, either. It's an established fact that the essence of us, that which makes us sentient individuals, is something separate from our physical bodies. Spirit is the word we use to describe this essence; soul is another well-known term. In fact, each and every living thing which is on this earth possesses a spirit that is attached to a physical body - a part of it, and yet, not a part of it.

For human beings, the advancement in science is underscoring more and more that our spirits can go places where our physical bodies cannot. Take the telephone, for example. It allows us to speak to people we cannot see with our physical eyes and in many cases, will never see with our physical eyes. Video conferencing is another invention which allows us to see bodies and interact with them even if we cannot touch them and never see them in what we think of as the concrete world. The invention of the Internet furthered this ability to spiritually "travel", to connect with others next door or across the planet. Virtual reality is yet another invention which gives us a firsthand view into another dimension where we can live, love, hate, interact with fellow human beings that we may never see in the physical.

It is our spirits, and the relative disease or health of, that plays a critical role in the way this world operates and how things then appear in the physical, including interests fueled by large amounts of money.

Most individuals are not conditioned to "look below the surface" or "look at the underbelly" of what is going on. This is a learned trait. It can be taught but in order to be effective, one must abandon certain things that society (and money) have told us are infallible. We are taught, as a whole, to observe and react to the very surface of what is going on with us as a collective species. The fact of the matter is that the surface problems are but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. To truly effect change, one must turn their sighs to the inside, the underbelly, the very things that motivate us as both a species and individuals to do what we choose to do, to influence what we choose to influence.

By far, the greatest motivator of the human species is fear. Fear of loss. Fear of being alone. For all the introversion there may be we are, by nature, a social species who wither and die if separated from the rest as an entity.

Those who make it their life ambition to make, and accrue, vast quantities of wealth, without sharing, without consideration for fellow members of the species, are in fact acting from a total and complete basis of fear. They fear losing everything so they accrue enough to last lifetimes. They fear the unknown, so they spend vast sums of money to influence our society in such a way as to make themselves feel insulated and comfortable. Fear wipes away sentient considerations of things like environment and the well-being of the majority. It hails from the most base, animal part of ourselves, which demands self-preservation. They would much rather pull things entirely in one direction in order to feel safe than consider that all things work far better in a state of balance.

How can we address this, dual beings that we are, both physical and spirit?

Those of us who refuse to allow others to set our opinons for us can teach others to do the same. We can also make others aware of their own spirits and souls, and the fact that while it is anchored to the body for physical existence on the earth, the physical should not limit us in terms of reaching out to and interacting with others - hopefully for the common good. We can teach others to use knowledge to control our base animal instincts, especially fear, and not to allow it to force us to do things or support things which are ultimately detrimental to ourselves and those around us.

One does not need a proscribed religion to do this. Yes, it is always helpful to look to something greater than ourselves, and we do that with various gods and goddesses. Some do it with knowledge itself, accepting that we are limited during our time on earth and can never know it all.

It's time to restore the balance. Too much light, or too much dark, leads to chaos and suffering.
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