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This really pisses me off

Recently it was discovered that some enterprising individuals found a way, somehow, to make money by converting Inworldz currency to SL currency. Therefore the rate of return was dropped from a straight 50% to 43%, when cashing out from Inworldz (IWZ) to SL.

As a result, many of the "big name" merchants who have opened shops on IWZ have raised their prices, and some by a huge margin.

I got one thing to say to those of you so-called "big names" who opened shops and have now raised your prices:


As a resident of both worlds - with business in both worlds - I find it highly insulting that merchants would attempt to "use" IWZ in such a way. It feels like virtual rape.

I recently dropped in to the shop of a "big name" that is one of my favorites from SL and was astounded at how much the prices went up after the announcement about the exchange rate went out. It is quite obvious the owner is trying to make a profit off the IWZ folks, and perhaps even more so since it's a "young" world and doesn't have as many merchants of each type as SL does.

I'm sorry, you can justify it all you want, but if the only reason you came to IWZ was to make a profit, I think you have the wrong grid. It's not our fault that SL is going down the tubes and the paying customers with it. Most of the IWZ users ARE from SL and one of the reasons we're on IWZ is because of the profit-driven attitude of SL.

We're here to create, which is how SL started. We're not here to make your wallet fat just because you have a "big name" elsewhere and land and regions elsewhere.

I think it's about time that everyone get on the same page: Inworldz is Inworldz, and SL is SL. As soon as our cherished programmers finish coding a cash-out system for Iz, the only reason ANY SL ATMs will continue to exist will be for convenience.

Once you can cash out directly from IWZ, are you going to drop your prices, and start behaving like it is the unique world it's supposed to be?

I certainly hope so, or you may go out of business quickly. The vast majority of Inworldz residents are seasoned SL residents who are just as smart and just as likely to shop around (OR do for themselves) no matter what grid they're on.

If you can pretend, for a moment, that SL doesn't exist, let's take a look at some realities on Inworldz:

  1. Uploads, group creation, partnership, divorce, classifieds, shop ads, etc. are all free, so you don't have to make money to cover those fees.

  2. Whole private regions are a mere $75/month and, for a little while longer, are without setup fees. That's a drop in the bucket compared to what some "big name" merchants make in a month. If you want mainland, it's only $60 per month.

  3. You have anywhere from 35,000 to 45,000 prims per region, which means you don't have to continually buy more land to do a decent expansion.

  4. You have a surprisingly close-knit gridwide community who watch each other's backs, so it's highly unlikely anyone would get away with shenanigans for very long before they were exposed and summarily drummed out. You don't have the added expense of griefers and copybots.

  5. Speaking of bots, Inworldz doesn't have them, and likely never will. Gone are the days where bots were used to push up traffic. In fact, traffic may not be enabled at all, and merchants will become popular based on their products and customer service - which is the way it should be.

Discard the "SL mentality" already. I know it's hard, especially if SL is all you knew prior to coming to Inworldz. This is a fresh, new world.
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