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Recently I had the opportunity to think over my life in SL and be very grateful. Nolaren and I have been together for nearly 7 months. I have my daughters Beth, Beth, and Seatree and my son Tesha. We live on a beautiful sim and are a part of an extended family that a lot of people wish for, but never have.

Once in a great while, I will look at the profiles of past significant others, just out of curiosity. My first ex is still just as paranoid and now it seems he's gotten his wife just as paranoid. Judging by the language in both their profiles, coupled with the fact that he still has me banned from the public side of his land, I would say he's still harboring a lot of hatred for me and has successfully indoctrinated his wife with it.

It has to make you wonder. I've moved on, more than moved on, and have a family of my own, for which I am increasingly grateful. Why would he still hate me after all this time? It's been a good 2 years since we split up and he's still hating on me.


Why, because I didn't shrivel up and vanish from the SL scene? Why, because I continued, and bettered my situation?

It's odd because he used to go on and on about another friend of mine whom he hasn't spoken with in far longer, and I used to ask him why the person concerned him so much. Any time this person experienced success, he insisted it was somehow at his expense, which never made sense. Just because this person opened a successful store and his business was still failing - that was somehow this other person's fault.

One of his exes became a good friend of mine, after the fact, and she'd tell me how he'd go on and on about me even as I continued to move forward with my life. It got so bad that if she did anything that even superficially resembled my behavior, he'd actually call her my name as a vulgar insult.

Is he still seeing me the same way? I dare to improve, and that's somehow at his expense?? He's gone so far as to make his wife think that I, and his other imagined enemies, are dirt beneath their feet.

Good grief, I don't understand people that waste time and energy to hate so much. I didn't understand it any more back then than I do, now. Would these kinds of people simply collapse and die if they didn't have people to hate?

Such a waste of time.
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