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On The Growing Tide of Homeless Gay Kids

My mother once said that her job was to make herself obsolete. What she meant was to raise me well enough that I could stand up on my own two feet, be an individual separate from her, and be able to take care of myself.

It saddens me to no end to read story after story about parents relegating their kids to the street because they're gay. It's especially disturbing when it's done out of a Christian religious interest. Didn't your Jesus tell you to love others as you love yourself? He put no conditions on that. He didn't say "except when they're not straight". Tossing your kids out on the street flies in the face of the teachings you claim to hold SO dear, SO important that you reject anything that's different from you.

Being gay, or bisexual, or transgender, is as natural to that person as your heterosexuality is to you.

Most of the teachings you base your hatred on - and yes, it's hatred, of your OWN kids - are from the Old Testament, which your Jesus said was gone and over and obsolete with his arrival. How did you miss that? I challenge you to find even ONE passage attributed to Jesus that says "treat those with hatred, whose sexual identity is different from yours." Just ONE. Don't show me Old Testament. Don't show me John - he was a homophobe and said a lot of things that had nothing to do with your Jesus at all.

You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. When you allowed that child to be born, you accepted responsibility for raising it as best as you were able. You don't get an exception if they turn out differently from you. Kids are supposed to become their on individuals, not a carbon-copy of yourself. You don't get to disown them just because they aren't a "mini you".

Don't be claiming to be Christian and judging your kids out the door. Your Jesus also said judge not, lest ye be judged. If God allowed that kid to be born with a differing sexuality, who are you to question God's will? Who are you to second-guess the God you claim to worship? God never claimed that life would be easy, and did you ever think that he was perhaps trying to expand your horizons and levels of acceptance by putting you in charge of a soul that's different from you? Perhaps this was to be a growth moment for you, and instead, you let your hatred of "difference" take charge intstead of accepting the challenge from your God.

People like you make me sick.
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