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Pricing goods from grid to grid

To me, there are two factors to take into account when pricing your goods: How much work went into it, and the prevailing economy of the market you're targeting. Sometimes you have to price lower to recoup what you feel your time is worth, rather than pricing higher to realize a more immediate profit.

Once again, I saw a situation where someone's prices on Inworldz are pretty high. This time they had a placard on the wall with an explanation, something about "not wanting to 'undersell' other grids".

There again, the person isn't treating the Inworldz economy as a distinct economy of its own.

In the real world, an international merchant recognizes that each country has its own economy, and prevailing prices for the class of goods they sell. They don't base their prices on, say, the U.S. economy, when selling in Italy, for instance - they base their prices on the Italian market and what that market will bear...or they do, if they hope to sell their goods.

It's no different in virtual worlds. Each one has its own economy and its own prevailing prices for goods; however, I don't see some of the merchants using the same real-world common sense they'd be forced to use in the concrete world. Instead, they're still comparing their pricing to what they had on the other grid.

It's time to stop this, people, and realize that you're in a "different country" with "a different economy". It costs far less to have a presence on Inworldz; therefore, your justification of not wanting to "undersell other grids" doesn't hold. You need to start pricing according to the economy on THIS grid and stop comparing to any other grid.

If you don't change your attitude a lot of people are going to assume you're doing what my previous post said, in so many words: Exploiting Inworldz to fund your Second Life.

That's not right, nor is it fair.
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