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Isis has stomatitis

Some of you may remember Isis, our little runt cat with the extra toes (those are her toes in the icon)

We just took Isis to the vet and she's been diagnosed with stomatitis, which was explained as an actual allergic reaction to the plaque on her teeth.

She is eventually going to require all her teeth to be removed. About half of them need to be removed right now.

The initial vet bill is going to be close to $500.00 USD.

If any of you wish to help, you can send money via PayPal to
Directly to the vet, as follows:

In care of Isis, under Michael Daly
Southern Kern Veterinary Clinic, Inc.
4455 Rosamond Blvd
Rosamond, CA 93560
Telephone (661) 256-8121
Fax (661) 256-0532

UPDATE: Here are a few pics. You can tell she's not happy.





We have postponed the first dental until August 11, which will give some of you time to donate to her care. I thank you in advance, for her sake.

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