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Adaarye Shikami has stuff in her SL profile which defames me and blames me for her choice to stop selling her rather expensive textures on Inworldz. I am naming her outright, because she outed herself in the previous post's comments, and because she openly names me.

First of all, if you read all the most recent posts I've made, not once have I targeted her or her partner specifically. I spoke in general. She wasn't the only one who felt she could charge high prices in a fledgling economy during a RL world depression - and yet she took my posts as a personal attack.

Um, that's not very smart, nor is it accurate.

Second of all, refunding me the money I paid in good faith for her goods is not what needs to be done. The defamation in her SL profile needs to be removed, instead.

Thirdly - I heaped tons of praise on her as her alt in IWZ for her astute business sense in how she priced her skins. She was friendly, courteous, and generous to my face, while all that time she was blaming me for her own decisions in her SL profile picks. I see that not only as defamation, but outright backstabbing. It doesn't seem she had the guts to confront me personally; instead, she treated me decently to my face while turning a knife in my back.

Lastly, my volunteering as a Mentor on Inworldz has nothing whatsoever to do with my opinions and the Founders will tell you that. I hold no sway and my opinions carry no more weight because of my volunteering. I hold no "official" capacity to either sway or set guidelines.

*shakes head* get a clue and stop blaming me for your choices.

P.S. My post was the third or fourth to the original IWZ forum thread that talked about outrageous pricing. Why did you pick on ME out of those people? Also, there are other threads in the forums that reference the same subject, none of which were started by me - so again, why are you attacking me over something I didn't start nor that named you personally? I don't see you criticizing anyone else in any of those threads, nor blaming them for your decisions.
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