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Cyberbullying does not just apply to children. There are adult groups dedicated to harassing and defaming others as well, along with websites created online specifically to make fun of and demean individuals. These people can be found in communities linked to blogs and chat rooms and they use the disguise of “anonymity” to harass their prey. Sometimes, these bullies will take their online squabbles offline and press people online to harass their prey's family and friends. As a bully myself, then a victim of large-scale bullying, let me tell you my story.

Now that we have virtual worlds, cyberbullies have a new venue to torment people. Take a look at this site, and do a Google search on "cyberbullying". There are a lot of good pointers you can follow to (hopefully) keep your online life bully-free.

The only thing I'd like to add is this: If it does cross over into real-world shenanigans, that's considered stalking, and it's against Federal law. You do have recourse. Contact the FBI.

In the meantime, add your adult voice to the thousands of others calling for a broadening of existing cyberbully laws so that adults are also covered.
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