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Trading on a "name"

I guess one of the things that really bothers me are people who demand respect based on a reputation earned someplace else. "Well, don't you know me? I'm big on such-and-such grid."

We see it all the time in the United States: Someone has gained fame and fortune and expects others to kowtow to them based solely on their fame and fortune. Well, I was brought up to judge people on how they act, how they treat others, and what their basic values are - not on how much money they have or how famous their name is.

I am not going to buy from a merchant because they have a "name" someplace else. NOT being rich has taught me to shop around, and often you will find things by lesser-known makers that surprise you with their quality.

At the same time I advise those "big names" to NOT assume that people will pay ANY price for their goods. I see Inworldz as a "leveling of the playing field" where many lesser-known or unknown creators have the chance to "make it". Please don't expect us to show you an undue level of respect or favoritism based solely on your reputation somewhere else.

Also, if you haven't noticed (and who hasn't when reading this blog) I have an especial dislike for Second Life's profit-driven consumerism. That isn't what SL started out as, and it isn't what Inworldz started out as. Total driven consumerism has a very bad habit of wiping out imagination and creativity, and discourages those who perceive themselves as being "less than Person A" or "less than Person B". It makes little robots out of people and programs them to "buy this designer" or "that designer" as a way to "keep up with the Joneses".

Sorry, but I'd rather go to a virtual Flea Market and see all the undiscovered talent out there, some of which makes a far better product than so-called Big Names.

In my own opinion, Inworldz is a fresh start for many of us, where we can shine without necessarily having to "fight our way upstream". It's an artist and creator's paradise and yes, I am fiercely protective of that.
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