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Notes to a Bully

(Note: Yes, I do have a certain person in mind when writing this...but this person's tactics are classic bully behavior, so if you're a bully, this will probably apply to you, too)

1. Spewing all kinds of crap all over forums or blogs, then deleting it, doesn't erase what you said. Most people remember what you said, and furthermore, nearly every blog and forum has an email option, so there IS a record. You can't hide from your words. Besides, doing this shows you are a blatant coward and not willing to stand behind what you've said.

2. Running all over the Internet and making blogs and messaging people and whatnot will do nothing more than draw attention to those you are attempting to defame. People then get to see what the target said that you got so butthurt about, and 9 times out of 10, it makes YOU look bad. So go ahead, please DO continue to give us free advertising.

3. Virtual-world "Walls of Shame" are against nearly every virtual-world TOS. If you value your presence there, just don't do it. People won't put up with it. Golden Rule and alla that.

4. Changing your copyright and/or license does NOT make it retroactive to things you have already sold - without an Act of Congress, which you are not likely to get. See this post. In case you're wondering, I used to head the free form roleplay area in America Online, before they got rid of volunteers and eventually, that area. I did extensive research on copyright on the Internet, and some of what I found was incorporated into AOL's terms of service. I know what I'm talking about.

5. I am likely old enough to be your mother in real life and, if not, then your overall behavior is REALLY shameful. MY Internet history dates back to the days of 24K modems and bulletin board systems. I have run IRC networks, monitored one of the busiest chatrooms on AOL, and dealt with bullies far worse than you could ever hope to be. I was a computer programmer/analyst for over 15 years, WITH college education. Don't think I know how to handle you? Don't try me.

6. Sticking around on the same grid you're actively trashing is not very smart. Staying on that grid, AND underselling every other merchant ON PURPOSE, going so far as to name some of your items so similar to others that it is blatant who you are trying to trash, is really bad news. Again, you draw attention to the good guys, by making yourself look bad. The community on THIS particular grid is pretty close-knit, and word gets around. Just who the hell do you think you're hurting with this, besides yourself? Many of us came from the other grids you're on, do you REALLY think word doesn't travel? If so you're dumber than we thought.

7. You have so many alts nobody can keep them straight. You claim to have a partner and yet most of the stuff she sells you made. We're beginning to think you have multiple personality disorder. At the very least, you're very paranoid and love to spy on people. Since we have nothing to hide (unlike you) we don't mind. Spy away. You might learn something.

8. Are you manic? Do you have a RL job? Some people really wonder where you get the energy and time to do all this trolling. Some of us have pictured you as morbidly obese, in need of a shower, sitting in your grandmother's basement eating fried chicken and screetching a lot. I know that's not very complimentary, but when you call people names for needing customer service, telling you that your prices were ridiculous, or other reasons that most folks would be courteous about, our imaginations go wild.

At any rate *yawn* just keep showing the world that there is great undiscovered talent. We really do appreciate that.
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