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I thought I'd take the time to share a few facts about Inworldz, as I know from being a user and content creator there since March of this year.

  1. No, I am not an owner. I am a creator and I volunteer time to help newcomers. The latter gives me no more official status than the average users.

  2. While many of the new OpenSimulator worlds are well-known for hosting content from SL creators without permission, Inworldz is not one of them.

    Many well-known SL creators have a presence on Inworldz as well as many who are not so well-known on SL.

    Many SL creators do not restrict use of their content on other worlds, as long as their basic Terms of Service is adhered to (e.g., not reselling the items standalone as one's own creation).

    Others who do restrict their TOS offer extended licenses for using their content on other grids they approve of.

    Linden Labs didn't create the content that makes Second Life what it is. They began by offering a platform for individuals to create upon. It wasn't till the last year that they began offering content of their own (Linden Homes, for example) that competed directly with individual content and services which were already present.

    In cases where this gadget maker or that widget maker won't grant license of use, or has no interest in having a presence on Inworldz, you may see similar gadgets or widgets developed by residents. This is not a ripoff. This is an effort to meet a need or demand, and is as legal on Inworldz as any other grid.

  3. Inworldz is not a part of OpenSimulator. The base code is no longer compatible with those running OpenSimulator, and is now considered proprietary.

    Much of the philosophy and ideals of the OpenSimulator participants is incompatible with Inworldz.

  4. Many OpenSimulator-based worlds have hypergrid functionality, meaning you can go from participating grid to participating grid with the same account and inventory. Inworldz does not, and neither does SL. If you come to Inworldz, you must create a new account. The only content you can transfer is content you created or that you have permission to transfer. You cannot transfer your SL inventory as-is or use your SL account there.

  5. The base philosophy of Inworldz encompasses a sense of community and the freedom to create without being nickeled and dimed to death. In that vein, things like uploads are free as well as accounts. Land is cheap to own and has more prims than SL.

  6. The Founders of Inworldz are very personable and easy to approach, and if you should have questions needing official answers, you are welcome to ask them. See this post in the Inworldz Forums:

  7. Inworldz is not owned by Linden Labs, nor do they have any sort of official "relationship" with Linden Labs. Inworldz was not created by ex-Lindens. Any and all information provided in the Second Life Forums comes from residents of Inworldz, and should not be regarded as the "final word" on anything. Again, see above if you want official answers to a question.

  8. As of this post, the Inworldz platform is still in a beta stage. That means you will find bugs and occasional bouts of unexplainable lag. There are many workarounds to deal with the most pervasive bugs. The founders are working as fast as they can to stabilize the grid as a whole. Feedback about bugs and glitches is welcomed. If you have a question, post to the indicated forum and you will get an answer.

    Search does not work well. You can search safely in People, and in Classifieds provided you make your search in the latter very specific. We also have Shop Ads in the forums and a group called "where can I find it?" that will help you find what you need.

  9. The area all newcomers materialize into is called Inworldz Desert Island, or IDI. It WILL be laggy as it is often very busy. You WILL be a cloud till you put on the bald base either a mentor gives you or you find in your inventory. You WILL materialize as Ruth and you cannot change that until you either visit one of our freebie shops or import your own content.

    Between the Women's and Men's freebie shops is a sign with categorized landmarks. After de-Ruthing, stop here and pick some up, then go exploring. You will find your navigation improves once you get off of IDI.

    Sign up for the forums as soon as possible. You can get there from the main page by clicking on Community, or you can go there directly by using this URL: . It is suggested that you use your account name so everyone knows who you are.

  10. While InWorldz does have a physics engine, it is not stable for usages beyond avatar movement and collisions. It is not stable enough for making prims that respond to push or gravity, or for vehicles.
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