Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions (feline_phantasy) wrote,
Phantasies and Alternate Dimensions

Leveling the Playing Field

There are rumors - and I call them rumors, because I have no solid proof - that certain content creators and others with 'big names' get preferential treatment from Linden Labs on Second Life. At the very least, some of what I have encountered would tend to lend some credibility to those rumors.

On Inworldz, everyone is the same. Certain things are not enabled - traffic, paid classifieds - and that definitely levels the playing field. People are judged, not on how much money they can throw around, or how many bots they can infest their sims with, but rather, how they treat other people, the merits of their products, and their choice in pricing those products.

Nobody can "game the system" to get their name out when other people cannot afford to do the same.

Rules are enforced, across the board, and this goes hand in hand with the lack of preferential treatment.

I, as a mentor, have the right to remind others of those rules, when I am in an "official capacity" on Inworldz Desert Island, our form of SL's Help Island. I don't make the rules; I simply remind others of them.

The one thing that really bothers me is when so-and-so expects preferential treatment because of their status elsewhere on the Internet. I'm sorry, but on Inworldz you are the same as everyone else, and we are not about to bend the rules for you. Don't ask, and for the goddess' sake, don't threaten us. We are merely representatives.

If you have a problem with not gaining preferential treatment, by all means, take it up with a Founder. They are the ones who make the rules. I will warn you however that threatening to "take your toys and go home" doesn't carry much water. Furthermore, threatening to dispute legitimate payments made through PayPal can and likely will be challenged. Another thing clearly stated in the rules is that there is no refund, so don't pay if you don't plan to stay. Don't pay, then change your mind later and behave like a child because the rules weren't bent for you. We can't tell you how to behave, but I can tell you that most Inworldz residents pride themselves on their maturity (and rightly so) and don't have much tolerance for that kind of behavior. I think you'll find the Founders are of like mind.
Tags: inworldz, rules

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