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The Week From Hell

This past week and a half were hell for me and for our household in general.

There was another kitten who was outside who decided he wanted to be an indoor cat. He is sick so of course I had to isolate him. He's about 3 months old, brown tiger shorthair, and I named him Moseby.

Also, the hard drive on my PC began throwing input/output errors, and despite my best efforts to repair things, simply got worse. I am assuming the bad sector is in the boot section because I tried 3 different ways to replace Windows 10 and at least 3 other ways to repair it, without any success. I ordered a new hard drive but it wouldn't arrive till the following Tuesday (this past Tues).

Early Friday morning, I discovered that we were getting heat on one side of the house but not the other. We live in a double wide mobile home. What happened is the connector between the vents on both sides had come loose. I emailed the office, then followed up with a call. The manager assured me that she'd send repairmen. A couple hours pass, nobody shows, I call again and am told people are coming after lunch. Mid-afternoon I call again, and a couple hours later, again. Finally, after dark they show up. Now it was a rainy and cold day so I can understand their reluctance to want to go under the house - but WE were cold without heat, too. They got it fixed and we went on.

Meanwhile, I gave up on my PC, decided to wait till Tuesday, and started doing what I was able to on my Kindle Fire.

Late Saturday night the vents came loose for the second time. I spent the entire weekend filling up their emergency answering machine with plea after plea for them to come fix things. Nobody showed, nobody called. We both put on extra clothing and I pulled my electric blanket off the bed to keep my legs warm and my arthritis from flaring worse than it was.

Monday, I call the emergency number again and get a human being, who assures me that they will come and fix it. Two hours later and nobody shows up so I call the office, hoping against hope that someone would be there despite the holiday. I'm in luck and the manager is there. She sends someone out right away who fixes it - FINALLY - and we have heat. It's held so far.

Tuesday comes but the hard drive doesn't show up till dusk. Happily I take it into my room, tear things out of boxes, unplug my PC like the good little Tech that I am, and start to work. I get the new drive in, and press the ON switch.

Nothing happens.

I think that maybe I shouldn't have unplugged it, I know how finicky power supplies can be. I also noticed a small cable had come unplugged from the "F sector" of the motherboard. Without going into much detail, this is the place where all the tiny little cables plug in from the case to the motherboard so everything works. I plug it back in, nothing happens. I go and tear out the power supply from an old PC we have - the power supply is new enough to use in this machine, because I'd replaced it when the other PC was still in service.

I go through the rigamarole of pulling the old power supply, pulling out all cables, putting the new one in, stringing cables, then I press the ON switch.

Nothing happens.

By this time, I have a roaring backache from my neck on down, my legs hurt, and so I take a handful of pills, including a narcotic I don't take unless I'm in severe pain - which I am by this time.

I go to Michael's PC and call up the schematic for my motherboard and eyeball the F sector. I realize that the cable "next" to where the power cable goes has gotten itself one pin OVER from where it should be. I go back in my room, move it over, then plug the power switch cable back in, and press the ON switch.

PC starts. I whoop so loud I bet my neighbors heard me.

I then go through the rigamarole of pulling that power supply because the cables for the other one match my hardware better, and put the old one back in.

Then I try to boot using my Windows 10 disk that I made on Michael's PC. It doesn't look like it's working, so I decide to install Windows 7 first then upgrade it.

Windows 7 refuses to activate so I call the automated activation number and go through all the steps, just to find out that, for some reason, Microsoft has blocked use of the serial number that I have for that disk.

I'm about ready to start crying by this point.

Windows 10 won't upgrade Windows 7 because Windows 7 isn't activated.

I start looking for an economic solution though I really don't have the money to spend.

I find one, but decide to give my Windows 10 disk one more try.


I successfully delete the partition where Win7 resided, taking the disk back to its original, unpartitioned configuration. I successfully install Windows 10 and activate my digital license using my Microsoft account.

I then spend several hours reinstalling software, till I get to the point where I quite literally can't put two thoughts together in my head, and I finally go to bed.

OH -

When they put the vents back together the first time on Friday, they managed to seal in a "stowaway" cat - another small kitten, who then knocked the vent loose in the kitchen and escaped into the house. I found the vent loose, thought one of my younger ones had taken a trip, and did a head count. One was apparently missing, which kept both of us - Michael and I - up late way past our bedtimes looking for him. He finally showed up, and that's when we figured out we had a stowaway.

Over the next couple of days we heard it "talking" to our resident cats. It finally made its way into my room, where the food and water bowls are, and hid under my bed. Michael helped me scare it into the bathroom, where I chased it around, managed to get my thumb bitten, and finally caught it under a sheet and stuck it in the cage with Moseby.

This kitten is completely feral and we may not be able to keep it. We have had it for a week and it's every bit as feral as the day I put it into the cage. We had a double-cage arrangement, and, before I took Moseby to the vet Tuesday morning, I managed to separate the cages and the cats to make things easier. She's alone in the bigger of the two cages and every bit as feral as the day she was born. I may have to concede that I can't tame this one, unfortunately.

PC is working fine but I am suffering from mild PTSD - I keep waiting for it to fail, like it was last week. Ugh.
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