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I just can't win.

I just can't win. I feel trapped.

For the first time in years the VA charged me for my prescription psychological meds. When I called the new Resident treating me, and asked her to straighten it out, she called me back and left a message that was basically a runaround when she knows it's her discretion. I called her supervisor who had seen me maybe twice before having me see this woman, complained loudly, and asked him to straighten it out. HE left me a message that basically said it was laughable that I thought I should get them for free.

It was the doctor who treated me two doctors prior to this one who decided that a combination of my brain damage due to MS, and the situation I live in, were enough to declare the meds disability-related. I haven't had to pay for them for a few years, and now, I'm being told that I have to.

I just can't win.

How can I trust these new doctors? They didn't tell me they weren't going to OK the meds for free. They just did it, and now they're giving me the professional runaround.

I haven't applied for an increase in benefits in 10 years, since my last turn-down, which I didn't realize, till years later, that I could have challenged. They don't tell you that. Nobody tells you these things, you find out by accident.

I live 90 miles from the closest full-care VA facility. We have a small clinic in town but they offer just the most general in care. I have been getting my med checks for psychological via telepsychiatry at their office.

I haven't been able to see a neurologist for a couple of years now, because it's harder than hades to get down there and back, plus it's an expense we can ill afford. Monday I am calling the number on my Veteran's Choice card to find out if they will cover a neurologist in the local area - or if the existence of the tiny clinic is enough to disqualify me from that. The doctor at said clinic seems to think that I won't get coverage because of that.

I just. Can't. Win.

I am scared, and I feel cornered, and I've never felt this way in my life. I feel at the mercy of people who don't give a damn, and I don't know what to do.
Tags: depression, flonk flonk flonk, psychiatry

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