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I spent some time reading some of the posts on the Second Life General Discussion blog today, and I must say it was a very depressing read.

Content creators who can't make money anymore, partially due to Linden Lab's direct competition (think Linden Homes, for instance). Tiers breaking people's backs while their tickets go unanswered or they get shoved off of chat/phone with a "file a ticket". I'm sure glad I haven't had to use concierge service, because the latest is that they tell you to file a ticket.

I had a ticket I filed in roughly mid-July that wasn't answered till two months later. Two months. I'm a premium member and a landowner. There is no excuse for such shoddy service. I am one of likely thousands of premium members experiencing the same thing.

I still maintain a store in SL but I haven't sold anything out of it for a very long time. Again, I am one of thousands experiencing the same thing.

I co-own Celtic Markets, and getting a couple of renters over the past two-three months has been our highlight. It used to be we'd run out of space and/or prims; now I could build a whole damned village and have prims left over. My dear markets manager rents ad boards every month and it doesn't seem to do a lot of good. Since LL borked Search, both the Markets and the Chocolate Factory's traffic has dropped, as we appear, then disappear, then reappear...Again, something that thousands of us are experiencing.

Listen Linden Lab, I understand that you had to cut costs. However, cutting costs in the customer service department was the worst move you could've made, and people are voting with their feet over it.

My partner noted that I spend a lot more time on Inworldz nowadays than Second Life. I log into SL and immediately begin experiencing problems. My inventory load is hit-and-miss, even late at night when the relative population is low. I have rez problems that have nothing whatsoever to do with what viewer I use. There's nothing quite like seeing half the population of a busy club appear as Ruth hair, and nothing else, and the only reason I see THAT much is because I turned RenderUnloadedAvatar to true, so I could see something rather than a bunch of clouds.

I refuse to build anything very complicated over there, because the restrictions really suck. I haven't bought many building materials, especially textures, because the providers think they have rights over my finished builds that they do not have. I will occasionally purchase a new outfit, but most of the time it's from someone who has a presence in IWZ and I want to look more or less the same on both grids.

WHY any serious content creator ISN'T on IWZ is a mystery. Our economy is booming. We're completely independent from any other grid, now that we have a cashout system in place. Everyone is having fun despite the bugs presented by a grid still in beta. Most of the fun is because we don't have to sweat high tier fees, we can build with prims any size we want, we can link huge builds into one linkset, uploads are free, and you don't have to be a "premium" member to do ANY of it - and especially because our customer service is the best you could ever ask for. Tickets are answered promptly. A free and open dialogue exists between the Founders and the users. We feel like we matter, and like we are wanted. Quite a few have said it "feels like SL in the beginning" and what they mean is we have successfully recaptured the sense of purpose and community early SL had, and has since lost. ALL of that is worth putting up with a few pesky bugs, especially when you realize that things are being slowly but consistently fixed, and in the meantime, there are adequate workarounds.

NO traffic isn't turned on. NO classifieds don't cost a dime. All of the so-called "tools" that made it easy for an elite class of moneyed users to rise above the rest and dominate the market, based on available money alone, are disabled. Some can't comprehend why. All one has to do is stop and think about it, however. You can't "game the system" on Inworldz. You will gain or lose depending on your customer service, your dedication, the excellence of your products and builds, and how you price them. THAT is how SL's economy started and how Inworldz' economy will stay.

The thing that is demonstrably lacking from Second Life is a sense that the owners care about us beyond the money we spend. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that's ALL they care about - the money we spend. Then they do something boneheaded that really makes you wonder who is running the shop over there. How about pissing off the owner of Victoriana and managing to lose many Premium customers, as well as a monthly income of roughly $6000 USD? Victoriana's problems were very simple to fix too, which makes you wonder what LL has been doing with backups - IF they are keeping any at all. All they had to do was roll back the sims using backups, and they refused to do that, to reverse the permissions problems they caused. Now I don't know about you, but if I had such a major customer bringing me a hefty income I'd be bending over backwards to make them happy - wouldn't you? Especially when you know others are watching how you handle the situation, and some of them are big customers, too? Now I'm not saying that anyone should receive preferential treatment (even though we know that Linden Labs has it's "favorites") but if they can't be bothered to serve a fairly significant customer, what makes you think they'll help you, even though you own land and are a Premium member?

Many are saying the economic depression has "finally" hit SL. I got news for you - it's Linden Labs' mismanagement that has hit SL, coupled with their arrogance and egotistical attitudes. They don't want your feedback. They don't care that you don't like Viewer 2 or are wasting time on other things you don't necessarily need nor want. If you haven't left for Inworldz or many of the other grids out there, then what makes you think they'll start listening? The sagest statement I found in my reading is one where a user said 'the only way LL is going to listen is if you vote with your feet, and leave.' And they were right. The only way anything will change is if they keep bleeding customers and their pocketbook suffers.

I don't think I'm going to bother reading the SL blogs anymore...but then again, it's like a train wreck. It's godawful but you can't help but look.
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