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Your IP rights and MY finished build redux

I want to make everyone aware of a scam of sorts, perpetrated by both misinformed content creators as well as those who are simply trying to make an extra buck.

Unless you have patented your items, you have absolutely no say in what I do with a finished build - up to, and including, taking that finished build to another grid. You may not apply a change in TOS retroactively, nor may you charge me for "extra licensing". The finished product belongs to me, and it's under MY control - NOT yours. You can NOT file a DMCA takedown over a finished build displaying your textures or sculpts, as long as they are not under U.S. Patent and they are used as originally intended - as a part of a finished product.

You can cry and scream all you want, but once you let go of those textures and sculpts, and I include them in a finished build, your rights come to an end.

If you wish to contest this assertion, you are more than welcome, but be prepared to cite legal examples. I already have. I don't want to hear your opinion or your point of view, I want to see and read the legal precedents you base your licensing ON. I don't want to hear a regurgitation of the same baseless drivel. It's facts or forget it.
Tags: ip rights, terms of service, virtual worlds

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