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Update on Bubastis

Poor Boobie-kins.  Her tear healed on the top, and on the bottom, but pulled apart again just behind her 'elbow'.  They stapled her up again and bandaged her so much that her left leg is covered down to the paw and then some, and up around her ribs.  The whole idea is to, of course, restrict her movement.

I had to swap out her bed for a different one; she kept dragging the bandaged leg and getting it caught in the teepee bed, so I put more of a standard bed in there that she wouldn't have to crawl out of.  I also moved her food and water close to it so she really doesn't have to go far to eat or drink.  About the only thing she has to get up for is to go potty.

I had the bathroom window open this afternoon and there was a nice breeze blowing in.  She wanted to see out the window SO bad she managed to crawl halfway up the two-storey cage, and was hanging there by one paw.  I felt so bad for her that I took her out and took her to the front of the house where we have "cathedral" style windows, and sat on the sofa with her so she could cuddle and look outside.

I did a mischief to my back getting up, though.  I have one really bad lumbar disc that has irritated the main nerve coming out since before my first hospital visit in March.  I'd sunk into the sofa and I pulled it hard getting up so that it was really REALLY sore afterward.  I put heat on it followed by a liberal application of Tiger Balm Extra-Strength; between the two, the pain is almost gone.

We go back Monday for her to get her bandage changed and things checked out.  Today cost us more money; thank the gods that my credit card company recently raised my limit or we would have not been able to pay for it.  Hopefully she will finish healing and it won't cost us any more now.


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