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A Little Story about an SL Land Baron

I recently found out that a fairly well-known land baron has moved to Inworldz.

I don't like most land barons because they impress me as being greedy; there are very few I've known that weren't, and I can count those on one hand.

The one which moved into Inworldz isn't one of them and I have a little story to tell about them, as I related to Misty Harley privately (names have been omitted).


I don't like *land baron* and his company at all.

Over a year ago, I was offered a sweet deal to move to a private island. The owner said that if I could make my part profitable within 6 months we'd start working me up to running the island.

Well one day, not long after I'd paid my rent, I was off shopping and tried to get back to the island. At first, I couldn't, and couldn't figure it out - then I did and found the island renamed. I had no idea what was going on.

What had happened is the estate owner had just suddenly decided to sell her complete estate - something like 20 sims. She didn't tell anyone anything. Hell, even her estate managers didn't know what was going on until the deed was done.

Now my island, and most of the others in the estate, were pretty much fully rented out at that time. Imagine scores of people who had no clue what was going on and a significant portion of them at work.

This *land baron* is the one who bought the whole estate. From what I understand, he got it at a bargain-basement price and was told he didn't have to repay rent to anyone. The old owners got reamed by those of us who were online and they agreed to pay back most people. There were those they never paid back, and I was one of them.

Everyone - even those who weren't there - had EXACTLY ONE HOUR to clear out. This *land baron* refused to give people time to pack things up in a reasonable fashion or let others get home from work to find out what was going on. If your stuff wasn't picked up in an hour, it got sent back to you in one big messy linkset.

He wouldn't listen to any sort of reason at all. He wanted them cleared so he could prepare them for sale. Would it have hurt him to wait one day and let everyone collect their things? Likely not, but he wouldn't even consider it.


This incident made me swear off from leasing from any private island owner ever again. It isn't till now - and it's a completely different situation - when I've decided to do it again. It's on Inworldz and it's through Elf Clan. The people are well-known and trustworthy and nobody is going anywhere, not to mention that we're not talking $295 USD/month tier on each island.

I don't exactly know what this guy plans to do. I don't know how he expects to make money on full regions, considering that purchasing one directly is both cheap and easy. He certainly can't charge the kind of rent he's accustomed to on Second Life. The rental rates gridwide are pretty reasonable, not that far above tier in most places.

Who knows, right? All I know is I won't have a thing to do with him.
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